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Seven Signs That Indicate You Need ERP Software

“Do we need ERP?” or maybe even an upgrade.  A question that has no doubt passed through many a board member’s head. Unfortunately,  there is no definitive answer. When ERP becomes a necessity differs from business to business. For many, it will come down to cost – but that goes without saying!  There’s different ERP for […]

C is for the chemical process industry

The chemical process industry covers all manner of different trades; from adhesives and sealants to chemical manufacturing, and food and beverage industries to paints and coatings. And with most businesses in this sector being sales and customer service focused, it makes…

A Comprehensive Guide to ERP Training

Training your team is one of the most critical factors in the success of your ERP implementation. The time, money and work you have put in to selecting the perfect software for your business and tailoring it to your needs can be entirely undermined if, upon go-live date, your employees simply do not know how […]