In a constantly changing world, creating the perfect balance between supply and demand is key.

5 Supply Chain Strategies for Agile Procurement

Industry-Built ERP Software for Simplified Success

Our industry-specific software helps you take advantage of nearly 40 years’ experience in developing best practices. Use of this industry-specific focus speeds implementation and ultimately results in a faster return-on-investment. When you choose K3 Syspro, you know you are putting your company’s future in the hands of absolute industry solutions experts who speak your language and can deliver the results you need.


SYSPRO Named as Leading ERP Vendor

Innovations to the user experience and core  ERP functionality continue to position SYSPRO favourably in the Value Matrix and in the market as more manufacturers search for digital transformation partners that understand their business.

Nucleus Research, ERP Technology Value Matrix 2021

Download the 2020 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix Report and see how the leading analyst firm ranks ERP vendors based on usability and functionality, and why SYSPRO was again positioned as an ERP software leader.

Solutions for any Business Function

Whatever role you play in the process of choosing new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it’s important to understand how to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) in a way that aligns with your business goals and company strategy.

Explore the functional areas outlined below to find out how people working in different jobs can solve not only their departmental challenges, but can further improve total business profitability with the help of SYSPRO ERP Software.


Happy Customers

We are proud of our 98% customer retention rating.

SYSPRO is very configurable and can be configured almost any way you want. Rather than change our business processes to build them around SYSPRO, K3 has built SYSPRO implementation around our existing business processes, which is ensuring minimum downtime and disruption

Mark Martin, Finance Controller | Titan

We have boosted efficiency levels across the board. The system delivers visibility between Sales Orders and manufacturing and allows us to analyse costs comprehensively. This would not be possible without the real time management information that SYSPRO delivers

Jon Heeley, Project Manager | Tyneside Safety Glass

You can’t sit still in our industry, and with SYSPRO, we don’t have to. It is providing a strong foundation on which we can continue to build a more effective and more profitable business model, repaying the initial costs of ERP investment time and time again

Laura McBrown, Managing Director | G&B Electronics

The SYSPRO ERP system has been proven in meeting our specific needs. Everyone has immediate status visibility on every job, from order to final invoice, and a raft of detailed general information and key analysis data is available within seconds.The system has made managing the whole operation far simpler and easier

Neil Murray, Finance Director | Bendalls Engineering

UK Based Support

Based in Manchester we are real people, with over 156 years collective experience in supporting SYSPRO. No matter the question there is nothing we haven’t heard and nothing we can’t solve.

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0161 876 4498

ERP Software for Your Manufacturing Mode

Manufacturers in the 21st century need maximum agility and responsiveness to market demand. So it makes sense to choose business software solutions that are flexible enough to support whatever production mode works best in your operations. Take a deeper look to explore how SYSPRO ERP software supports businesses across these manufacturing types.


SYSPRO is a World Leader in ERP

Enabling positive disruption in companies, which leads to real-world innovation adding value to our customer’s businesses.

SYSPRO Product Brochure

Everything you need to know – from A to Z – about SYSPRO and our award-winning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite.

SYSPRO ERP Infinite Possibilities

Explores the key pillars that SYSPRO is built on; industry-built, always on, web-based, Cloud-first and how SYSPRO ERP can help pave the way towards digitisation.

SYSRPO 8 Upgrade Brochure

Why upgrade to SYSPRO 8? It’s easier to access and to use. It offers new capabilities to improve efficiencies and productivity. Click download to discover more.