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We understand your business conditions and recognise that your company’s uniqueness is its competitive edge. Your business model, products and services have unique supply chain and distribution requirements. We can tailor solutions for your vertical industry based on those requirements. Easier decision-making is also possible by providing information visibility in your language.


Reduce production times and ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to.


Manage the entire supply chain, from production planning to invoicing.


Our Work In Progress is ideally suited to the rapid changes that typify the industry.


Improve your procurement efficiency and responsiveness to customer demand.


Our inventory optimisation suite can help minimise cash tied up in ‘dead’ stock.


Advanced material tracking to simplify safety and health compliance in clinical trials.


Strong analytics and financial capabilities to help you ride out the market swings.


Quality, traceability and visibility controls to meet and maximise compliance.


Keep on top of hazardous materials and quality control with our innovative solutions.


Full traceability makes it easy to adapt and respond to continuous or batch processes.


“Syspro provides us with a dynamic solution with an array of additional applications and bespoke software, the software is able to adapt to suit our evolving business requirements. Customizable ERP, pre-processor, Translution and a bespoke mobile Sales ordering application allow us to seamlessly integrate all aspects of the business needs with central management”

Adam ColeySelect HardwareMachinery & Equipment

“As a Medical Device Manufacturer SYSPRO ERP provides the management  and control of orders through from capture to fulfilment, with full component and Serial traceability.  Data Switch has enabled the capture and passing of Data internally and externally saving data entry time and reduce errors. The customisation in Sypro 7 delivers the information required tailored for effectiveness and going forward we are working closely with Syspro to streamline our further streamline our processes to maintain our competitive advantage.”

Suzanne ClubleyLabcoldMedical Devices

“K3’s implementation plan is excellent and the modular design of SYSPRO makes it a very cost-effective solution. As we demand more from the system, we can extend it. This will provide a future-proof investment for the company.”

Sylvie NonhebelProtean ElectricAutomotive

“Now that we have mobile scanners installed, we have made the process of movements in stock much faster than it was before because we are able to send data to SYSPRO directly from the shop floor.”

Lukáš KonývkaSmurfit Kappa CzechPackaging


Auto-sleepers recently chose to integrate DocuWare, provided by K3’s best-of-breed partner, Anota, to manage its document workflow from administration through to manufacturing.


A progressive, Cambridge based Technology SME recently undertook the implementation of a new SYSPRO ERP system in order to address its need for improved efficiency and control.

Grant Instruments

A world leading medical design and manufacturing business is saving up to £40,000 a year on inventory costs after automating its entire supply chain with an advanced SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and K3 DataSwitch.

G & B Electronics

An evolving contract electronics manufacturer has reduced the time it takes to create Bills Of Materials from 10 days to just one as part of a major transformation of its business model, made possible by its investment in an advanced SYSPRO.

BKW Instruments

A combination of SYSPRO ERP and DataSwitch have helped BKW, a leading UK instrumentation engineering company, to automate it's labor intensive warehouse management system. This resulted in a 50% drop in the time taken on stock re ordering.

Lawson Fuses

Lawson fuses, a specialist in HRC low voltage fuses, has been with SYSPRO for over 27 years and has continually grown our system. A recent investment in our AutoMail system has added a further £20,000 a year to their overall savings.


Metaltech are in a impressive growth period that has seen turnover increase from 5 to £7 million a year! They needed an ERP solution that could scale with them and our solution did just that. Absorbing the extra work we netted them huge savings of £200,00 a year.

Dudson Group 2

A world leader in ceramic tableware, Dudson Group prides itself on being forward thinking. So when it needed to integrate its CRM with an ERP system they came to us. Multilingual, instant access to information are just some of the benefits they gained.

PZ Cussons

Formed by the merger of four previously individual beauty firms, PZ Cussons inherited SYSPRO from one these, Sanctuary Spa. They were so impressed by the functionality they rolled SYSPRO out across the other three allowing easy company wide communication.


Titan were looking to replace their existing MRP software with something more meaty but needed a new system to be implemented around their existing business processes. Our flexible approach meant we were able to use their existing processes as a backbone to build upon.

Fleet Laboratories

Due to using a mix of independent computer packages and paper based system, Fleet Labs manufacturing operation based in Watford had reached a glass ceiling in volume capacity. Our solution has helped them meet new growth targets without having to increase headcount.

Innovative Technology

Innovative operated from multiple sites in the UK, Germany, Spain, China and Brazil, which all operated independently. After implementing SYSPRO and QlikView they were able to channel all data through a single solution giving them seamless visibility of worldwide company data.

Smurfit Kappa Czech

Smurfit Kappa were in need of a powerful inventory management system that could capture data in real-time. By using our mobile scanning solution in conjunction with our powerful inventory management modules Smurfit have been able to increase order fulfillment.

Swansea Industrial Components

SIC were keen to get as much value from their ERP system as possible and so asked us to do an in-depth gap analysis to highlight the benefits we could give. Two years on and they are still experiencing the benefits of increased productivity , profitability and higher data visibility.


Cobham Antenna Systems, an Aerospace & Surveillance division of Cobham PLC needed a controlled way to access all 70,000 of its designs. We suggested Singlepoint which we fully integrated into SYSPRO using our Workflow Service allowing easy manufacture and supply through one system.

Bendalls Engineering

Bendalls are a 'make to order' business that were looking to improve their current choice of "business system" as it was failing to meet expectations. A move to SYSPRO proved the right one, with sales, engineering, purchasing and accounts each having access to a single data set.


Invertec were using a bespoke system that was last updated over 10 years ago. Rather than spend time and money updating the system they decided to opt for a modern solution that would help reduce order time, meet customer expectations and improve the existing weak MRP

Boss Design

Boss Group implemented SYSPRO in order to radically overhaul and improve operations. Moving to a lean manufacturing environment and scaling up the business has meant an 18% year on year growth all while improving delivery and reducing costs.

Thurlby Thandar

Thurlby had a very specific idea in mind when looking at ERP. They needed a successor for its aging systems that would integrate several programs, ensure continuity and remain current and supported for at least 10 years. They found all that and more with K3 Syspro.


Directa needed to bring efficiency to their stocktaking process and accuracy to the warehouse without adding mountains of paperwork. With SYSPRO they have been able to automate much of the stocktaking process cutting the time taken by a full day.

Tyneside Safety Glass

As part of their £5 million investment in machinery, techniques and management Tyneside also invested in ERP to help drive efficiency and productivity. One key efficiency is a reduction in stock level by over 25% thanks to advanced shop floor data collection.

William Say & Co

Already being a loyal customer, when William Say & Co needed to automate its load planning they turned to us. We created some customised software for the job and they were immediately impressed with its functionality and how well it supported editing, data input and validation.

KLM UK Engineering

With a work order containing hundreds of different jobcards, effective HR management become fundamental for KLM. One of the demands they were unable to meet with their manual system was that of producing detailed job card data for customers. Our T&A and SFDC systems tackled the issue with ease.


Piolax operates in a fast turnaround, high throughput make-to-stock environment. To help it manage a slick operation it turned to K3 for a tailored technological solution that would underpin its business and replace the legacy Sage CS/3 that it had outgrown.

QV Foods

Effectively managing the workforce and keeping a tight rein on production costs is essential, and tends to predominate in many food businesses. See how QV foods have significantly enhanced their HR and cost control through integrated Equator system from K3.

Vivid Arts

Vivid had an enthusiastic mission - to achieve a 4 to £5 million within three years of start up! Thanks to our well specified and design ERP solution they are on target with projected turnover of £2 million in their first year.

Dudson Group

To enhance its ERP investment even further, Dudson have implemented DataSwitch to automate communication of data between their multiple sites. This has enabled them to reduce inter-company order processing times from 230 people hours to just 30 (valued at £26,000 p/a)

BCA Leisure

Due to ever changing customer demands and short product lead times, BCA were finding it difficult finding software to fit their business. But after implementing SYSPRO they have been able to see big returns on data accuracy in work orders in only 6 months.


BPW started as a seller and distributor of axles and suspension systems but soon expanding into the role of manufacturing them too. Key to this transition was the flexibility they found thanks to SYSPRO ERP and expert guidance from the K3 team.


Dantec have quickly become a market-leading supplier of hoses and gaskets thanks to it's continuous innovation and research. They quickly realised they had out grown their DOS based accounting and sales system and so contacted us to bring their business system up to par.

Extract Technology

Handling some contracts up to £250,000, Extract needed a powerful projects & contracts module to give them a complete view of all associated costs. Our module gives them all the information visibility they need to anticipate costs and minimize exposure to risk.

Axiom Manufacturing

Axiom manufacture for the medical, industrial and defense sectors each of which has its own demanding tractability requirements. Our APS module gives them the capability to drill down into its business data to identify cost and profitability to works order level.

Select Hardware

With 55,000 sq ft of warehouse and over 4,500 SKUs , Select Hardware's "archaic" stock system of using spreadsheets was becoming troublesome. SYSPRO has revolutionised their warehouse management to the point where they are puzzled how they managed without it.


To gain a clear view of its operations, costs and boost customer service, Radius wanted to transform their business systems across all its UK sites. The implementation of a 100-user SYSPRO ERP solution from us is benefiting them with comprehensive BOM and clearer visibility of stock and WIP.

Roberts Mart

Roberts Mart were longing for a system that would allow easy management of thousands of SKUs and their records, each of which requires regular price reviews and updates. With SYSPRO and DataSwtich they are able to update thousands of records in hours rather than days.

Black Cat Fireworks

The seasonality of our business means we have to process masses of orders in a very short time window, but with the new system we can do this easily. The integration of SYSPRO with DataSwitch has been key to us achieving what would be impossible if everything had to be put into the system manually

AJ Wells

This multi division company has seen huge growth in the last three years with turnover increasing from 6 to £12 million! Underpinning this expansion is our SYSPRO ERP system. which has allowed them to do more with the same number of employees.


We know that investing in any ERP software is much more than just buying a product. Here at K3 Syspro you aren’t just buying a piece of software you are buying a whole team of experts-in-their-own-field who will work along side you to achieve your business goals. Many of our staff are ex-customers who have bought, implemented and used SYSPRO so between us there isn’t a lot we haven’t heard, seen, solved or fixed.

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