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Pharmaceutical ERP

Whether civil or military aviation, the industry is constantly changing. Frequent advancements in electronics such as CAD and CAM have often reduced production times by more than half; which in turn has led to improved investment in research and development, introducing new, more efficient materials that help improve performance.

With SYSPRO ERP, management of changes to product engineering, and the usual paper trail that follows, is aided by our Engineering Change Control module. Aerospace manufacturers are able to effectively and accurately manage all aspects of production. From receipt of material, to manufacture, inspection, stocking and finally distribution, our Lot Traceability module ensures the meticulous quality and safety standards of the aerospace industry are strictly adhered to. High value items and long sales cycles go hand in hand. SYSPRO permits aerospace companies to build and nurture business relationships and increase revenues through optimal client management and powerful financial functionality.

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B is for Biomedical Science

The biomedical industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide, with the north of England alone already enjoying £5 billion in annual sales through this sector. So, it makes sense to have this industry as second letter of our A-Z of ERP Industry sector blogs.

Juliet Johnson

“More than just simply replacing the paper based controls, the [ERP] system now enables everyone to work together much more closely and this is what has enabled the company to break through the self imposed glass ceiling.”

Operations Manager, Fleet Laboratories

“The real-time SYSPRO system is capable of updating every ten seconds: We now have desk-top control over work in progress information telling us who is working on any job at any given time.”

Ian HarveySystems Accountant, KLM UK EngineeringCase study

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