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Invertec is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of lighting and interior systems for public transport and commercial vehicles.

Customer Details

The Challenges

  • Improve customer responsiveness
  • Replace an old bespoke system which was built internally and was in need of updating
  • Replace a weak Materials Requirements Planning System (MRP)
  • Global implementation using local SYSPRO partners

Our Solution

  • Deployed from the K3 Cloud network
  • Integration of Accounting modules
  • MRP Module

Benefits Gained

  • Supporting the growth of the business through improved processes
  • Daily and hourly data available to handle customer orders
  • Increase visibility of data for stock valuation and exchange rates

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Invertec were using a bespoke system that was last updated over 10 years ago. Rather than spend time and money updating the system they decided to opt for a modern solution that would help reduce order time, meet customer expectations and improve the existing weak MRP.

Invertec shines new light on customer service with SYSPRO ERP

Automotive lighting and interiors manufacturer Invertec is taking action to improve customer responsiveness by investing in a new integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from K3 Syspro.

SYSPRO will replace an old bespoke system built by Invertec and last updated significantly 10-years-ago. Rather than spend time and money updating an ageing system, the company sought a modern solution to help reduce order lead-time, better meet customer expectations and replace a weak existing material requirements planning (MRP) system.

“Our existing solution could only handle order data in weekly batches and as our customer base grew, lead time expectations were reduced so we needed to invest in a solution that could handle daily and hourly data, in order to enable us to respond instantly to customer orders. Our previous MRP engine also had poor programme logic so we needed to have a better one installed,” explains Paul Burnett, Finance Director, Invertec.

Invertec also needs improved accounting history, as the company’s existing system does not store any data past the most recent order. SYSPRO’s integration of accounting modules now gives the company increased visibility of data for stock valuation and exchange rates.

K3 is responsible for delivery of a global solution and has undertaken the implementation locally in Malaysia whilst utilising local SYSPRO partners in the Asia-Pacific region. This approach ensures integration of data throughout all of Invertec’s worldwide offices; its Far East division in Malaysia and two sites in the UK. K3 will co-ordinate the entire solution to ensure that Invertec’s ERP solution is updated with all the local legislative and governance requirements.

K3 Managed Services, part of the wider K3 Business Technology Group with K3 Syspro will also be involved in the implementation and will deploy SYSPRO globally from the K3 cloud network.

Invertec spent considerable time researching the market for a suitable ERP solution but it was after a recommendation from one of their largest customers and an existing K3 customer, Alexander Dennis when the company chose K3 over other solution providers.

“Alexander Dennis told us how useful the functionality and reliability of SYSPRO is for them and mentioned the good experience that they had enjoyed, working with K3 on their own installation. We decided that if a company as established as them found SYSPRO useful then it was worth looking at.”

Invertec went live on-time and successfully at the end of November in Malaysia, to ensure its new system is ready-to-use ahead of the busy Christmas period, and to support growth prospects in the region from a new factory with increased capacity, and much improved processes. The company’s Fairford factory and Head office will follow before implementation is completed at its Trimdon Grange (Co.Durham) site.

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