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Plastics & Rubber ERP

Plastics and rubber ERP supports a vital part of the UK economy. Not only does the plastics and rubber industry provide products that we use on a daily basis but also provides 180,000 jobs and exports to the value of £6.7bn*. The plastics industry is an extension of the chemical industry, however focused on the conversion of polymers into final or intermediate products through moulding, extrusion or thermoforming.

Worldwide the demand for plastics is rising. Despite this, the plastics industry is still highly competitive experiencing serious challenges. Globalisation has led to lower industry growth as manufacturers have been drawn to lower cost economic locations. Subsequently the industry has witnessed manufacturers diversify in an attempt to identify niche areas such as higher quality, higher value products.

A SYSPRO ERP solution provides full traceability throughout the supply chain, from raw material to final phase ensuring manufacturing processes are both adaptive and responsive. Seamless integration with CAD / CAM assist in balancing inventory levels, establishing appropriate pricing and analysing customer and product portfolios.

How SYSPRO ERP can help your business

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Manufacturing operations management for your unique business

As lighter-weight, stronger and more durable plastics replace many metal products, your industry is poised for significant growth. Innovations in robotics, as well as renewable and biodegradable materials, are just a few of the changes you face as plastics manufacturers and fabricators.

SYSPRO ERP software gives you the flexibility you need to adapt and maximise opportunity, today and into the future. Take your organisation to the next level of growth with a strong, integrated ERP technology foundation, from vendor who knows your specific industry challenges – and how to solve them.

Boxing Clever – K3 Syspro ERP Drives Innovation in UK Plastics Sector

The UK packaging industry is a key economic driver. According to Innovate UK, the sector boasts annual sales of £11 billion and employs 85,000 people. Yet its manufacturers face tough challenges. Be it supporting the sustainability agenda, extending product shelf lives or offering new lightweight materials, they are all searching for new solutions. Adopting ERP is key to that transformation and K3 Syspro is here to support manufacturers every step of the way.

Packaging – Making the Throw-Away Profitable

There’s nothing to get excited about. There are no bells and whistles, you can’t eat it, it doesn’t fly, and even if it is beautifully designed and made; it is destined to play second fiddle to the product it is packaging. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of the packaging – it’s a throw-away. So how do manufacturers of packaging make the throw-away profitable?

How to Survive Industry 4.0 as a Plastics Manufacturer

Plastic is still the most used material in the world but a different revolution is on the horizon. A revolution affecting all sectors of manufacturing, not just plastics. A revolution that you can’t possibly fail to have heard of. Yet like so many, may not fully understand how it will affect their industry.


An Accrington based company, BMP have invested in SYSPRO ERP to deal with their diverse product ranges and allow for future growth. BMP Europe is a subsidiary of the Andrew Group and a Global Company specialising in the manufacture and conversion of Technical Non-Woven Textiles, Engineered Polyurethane Elastomers, Mechanical Components.

Helping Plastics Manufacturers Remain Versatile With ERP

According to the British Plastics Industry, the plastics sector is estimated to be worth £19 billion to the UK economy annually, employing around 180,000 people in total; its importance to both the economy and the wider manufacturing industry cannot be underestimated. From aerospace to packaging, through to furniture manufacturing, plastic and rubber are vital materials.

Derek Connolly

“The introduction of SYSPRO has been a major step forward for the business. In practical terms we now have a comprehensive and integrated system for managing and controlling purchasing, inventory, WIP, warehousing – none of which we had before. ”

QA Manager, Dantec Ltd

Anne Burton

“We now have a comprehensive Bills of Materials and clear visibility of stock and WIP. We can report margins and we don’t need to duplicate data entry. The system is set up to report on gross margins too, making it easier and quicker to close down month-end accounts.”

Business Controller, Radius Systems

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