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With 30 years of experience within the Manufacturing and Distribution sector we understand how businesses like yours operate and compete. We understand your business conditions and recognise that your company’s uniqueness is its competitive edge. Your business model, products and services have unique supply chain and distribution requirements. We can tailor solutions for your vertical industry based on those requirements.


Reduce production times and ensure the highest quality standards are adhered to.


Manage the entire supply chain, from production planning to invoicing.


Our Work In Progress is ideally suited to the rapid changes that typify the industry.


Improve your procurement efficiency and responsiveness to customer demand.


Our inventory optimisation suite can help minimise cash tied up in ‘dead’ stock.


Advanced material tracking to simplify safety and health compliance in clinical trials.


Strong analytics and financial capabilities to help you ride out the market swings.


Quality, traceability and visibility controls to meet and maximise compliance.


Keep on top of hazardous materials and quality control with our innovative solutions.


Full traceability makes it easy to adapt and respond to continuous or batch processes.


When it comes to business systems one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our flexible, modular solutions adapt to your business allowing you to scale when you grow. We offer single-source ERP which means every module naturally integrates with one another and yet remains able to integrate with a wide range of external systems. All this means you get a tailored solution to fit your current business needs without the fear of it becoming redundant a few years down the line.


Not everyone has time to invest in complex system training. That’s why our architecture is loved by our customers for it’s ability to integrate other packages without the need of costly external experts. With our solutions you are able to make better well-informed decisions with real-time data and from any location. All of this means you can run the business from the beach, the airport, the factory floor or the boardroom.

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