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Electronics Manufacturing ERP for Movers and Makers of the World

Electronics ERP

Electronics ERP plays an important but often overlooked role in the UK economy. The United Kingdom is the world’s fifth largest producer of electronics. Light bulbs, fixtures, motors, fridges – the industry produces a wide range of products to equate to an annual turnover of £78bn*. Fourteen of the world’s top twenty semiconductor companies establishing a design or manufacturing facility here, with nearly 80% of that activity coming from direct foreign investment. A considerable contribution to the economy but, as skilled as the 800,000 employees of the electronics industry are, they couldn’t do their jobs without the help of specialist electronics manufacturing software.

SYSPRO applications are designed to fit the rapid changes that typify the electronics manufacturing industry. Whether you manufacture appliances, semiconductors, scientific equipment or circuit boards; SYSPRO’s advanced planning and scheduling, traceability, inventory management and quality management are just some of the features available for your business.

How SYSPRO ERP Can Help Your Business

Best-in-Class Electronics ERP Software

Whether your business is semiconductors, electronic connectors, circuit boards, appliances, scientific equipment, computers or cabling, you need a strong, integrated electronics manufacturing software platform from a vendor who knows how to solve your specific industry challenges.

Learn how SYSPRO is helping companies like yours improve profitability and get new, innovative products to market with agility.

How ERP equips electronics manufacturers with the tools to prosper in post-Brexit Britain

With the advent of digitisation, electronics businesses are ideally placed to exploit demand. Yet times are uncertain. The prospect of Brexit, a shift in trading relationships and pressure to stay ahead of the curve are forcing many manufacturers to reassess their operations. Embracing the transformative powers of ERP can unlock potential and enable manufacturers to excel in a fierce global market.

SYSPRO Puts Protean Business Management in Hi-Pa™ Drive

Clean technology pioneer Protean Electric has awarded K3 Business Technology Group (K3) a contract to supply a fully integrated SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support the company’s rapid growth and expansion plans. The groundbreaking green automotive propulsion manufacturer has begun implementing the system with a go-live scheduled for January 2010.

Laura McBrown

“You can’t sit still in our industry, and with SYSPRO, we don’t have to. It is providing a strong foundation on which we can continue to build a more effective and more profitable business model, repaying the initial costs of ERP investment time and time again.”

Managing Director, G&B Electronics

Stan Grimmitt

“It is evident that after six to seven months of using SYSPRO that the biggest return on investment (ROI) has been much greater levels of accuracy and the requirements to be more disciplined in our procedures to get the correct information into the system the first time around”

Works Director, BCA Group

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