G&B lays foundation for growth with integrated SYSPRO solution

G&B Electronic Designs Ltd has made a significant investment in its future growth by purchasing a fully integrated manufacturing software solution from Manchester-based K3 Business Technology Group (K3).

The new £150,000 SYSPRO-based system will help the electronic contract design and manufacturing specialist treble the size of its business over the next three years by enabling it to establish high quality processes and gain full visibility of important management information throughout the company.

G&B is an existing K3 customer that now uses individual manufacturing, accounting and job costing systems and routines. This involves time-consuming manual tasks and creates opportunity for errors as data transfers from one system to another – much of this currently requires rekeying information from highly detailed spreadsheets into the database. The company will benefit quickly from bringing these individual elements into a single seamless, automated SYSPRO solution.

This is a major upgrade to our current systems and it will lay a firm foundation for our business expansion plans. Working with K3 for many years has meant that the company understands our requirements and has been able to tailor SYSPRO to suit our needs
George McBrown, Managing Director, G & B Electronics

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