Industry Sector

Manufacturing of Electrical Equipment

SIC Industry

3130 - Manufacture of electronic instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation

Number of Employees

75 +
The Challenge
  • Difficulty to plan for demand as inconsistent peaks and troughs
  • High stock-holding costs
  • Manual intensive processes
Our Solution
  • DataSwitch
  • Automail
The Benefits
  • Streamlined stock-holding process
  • Reduced admin time
  • Easy extraction, reporting and analysis of data
  • Automation of invoicing, reduced cost of postage and labour

Supply chain automation saves Grant Instruments up to £40,000 a year

A world leading medical design and manufacturing business is saving up to £40,000 a year on inventory costs after automating its entire supply chain with an advanced SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and K3 DataSwitch.

Grant Instruments is utilising the two applications from K3 Syspro to start to servitize its business model and respond more effectively to customers. Already the integration between the two solutions has helped the company to significantly streamline its stockholding process and has enabled it to slash average delivery times from 10 days to just five days. Today, the business holds half the stock it used to hold 18 months ago, but is continuing to complete double the amount of orders. This transition has been made possible not just through the import of transactional data into SYSPRO, but from the extraction of that data, and the analysis that followed.

“We now order stock as demand requires, and this has meant that we understand in more detail how much storage space we actually require. By renting out the additional storage space we no longer use, and being smarter with inventory management, we are saving up to £40,000 a year”

Paul GillSystems Development Manager

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