SYSPRO Enterprise Technology Architecture

With a unified product suite, SYSPRO provides a unique combination of robust, scalable solutions that ensure minimal risk and a high return on investment

To stay competitive, strategic manufacturers and distributors know they need to enable employees with the right software tools. The challenge lies in choosing a technology partner that addresses today’s needs while offering flexibility so you can keep pace with future requirements.

At SYSPRO, we are committed to making our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite future-proof, so you can maximise agility and take advantage of new technology innovations as they develop. Our product development team constantly keeps your investment top of mind when building new functionality.

Here is what makes our enterprise technology solutions best in class:


SYSPRO ERP will stay ahead of the latest technological innovations and continually build innovation into your platform.


Even if you’re a small or mid-market business today, SYSPRO has a multi-tier architecture that will meet your needs as you grow. SYSPRO ERP Software accommodates multi-national organizations with hundreds of subsidiaries and operates in high-volume single server instances.

Ease of Use: 

We care about keeping your staff productive, so SYSPRO ERP is designed to be user friendly with an intuitive interface that can be easily customized by users without IT intervention.


SYSPRO ERP Software is designed to be open to interfaces with other applications your company uses, ensuring better control and management reporting. It also integrates with customer and supplier systems if required, ensuring faster and more accurate orders and deliveries.


SYSPRO provides a choice of deployment options to suit your business and your budget, cloud or on-premise, as well as hosting options.


Rest assured knowing your data is completely secure in a Microsoft SQL database. And through workflow services, you can ensure processes are followed for compliance purposes.


With SYSPRO Espresso mobile applications, you can access your system anytime, anywhere from the device of your choice.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

SYSPRO ERP Software is unique because it is based on a single code base, rather than being a mixture of different applications acquired over time. The software is developed around business objects, components or blocks of code that represent a specific set of business rules and processes.

Because of this component-based architecture, SYSPRO’s functionality can be continually extended through the addition of new components, whether they are internally developed additions, or new technology from a partner.

In SYSPRO ERP, the architectural components have been separated into database, business logic and user interface. This enables you to interact with applications through a variety of means, without loss of integrity and maintaining security.

Access the system through a standard SYSPRO user interface; a personally developed one; or a Web/Microsoft Office interface

Enable data exchange with third-party systems or customers and suppliers

Use any device, on-premise or via the cloud

Create your own business features and functions and integrate them seamlessly with SYSPRO business logic or data

Avoid the cost of redevelopment during SYSPRO upgrades

Technology Innovation: Staying Ahead of the Curve with SYSPRO

Discover how SYSPRO’s open, modern enterprise architecture offers the flexibility and scalability you need for your business, regardless of existing IT infrastructure, company size or budget.

SYSPRO Azure Cloud Platform – Through a partnership with Microsoft, SYSPRO will be delivered as a platform as a service (PaaS) on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure

SYSPRO Harmony – Designed to address complex tasks, the cloud platform combines collaboration tools with machine learning and data analytics to help customers with advanced and difficult issues

SYSPRO Bots – An artificial intelligence (AI) within SYSPRO ERP that can be used to streamline business processes

SYSPRO Predictive Search – A native, customized search engine that can rapidly call up relevant information for the user

SYSPRO WebViews – An update to the UI delivering role-based views, key performance indicators and customisable dashboards

Manage Complexity

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