You have been selected to become a Brand Ambassador for K3 Syspro. Our Brand Ambassador Program is your opportunity to grow with us and help promote a product that you trust and feel confident in.

How You'll Benefit From Being an Ambassador

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Help Guide Us

As one of  our most trusted SYSPRO users your input and knowledge of using the system is paramount. You’ll be part of the development team that influences the wish list of future SYSPRO releases.

Special Discounts

Being an ambassador you’ll receive special software and service offers that are not available to general customers.

Exclusive Benefits

As an ambassador you’ll have access to priority corporate hospitality, exhibition tickets and VIP access to all our customer events.

FOC Service Days

As an ambassador you’ll receive free of charge services days each year you remain on the program. These FOC days can be used however you wish.

Peer Networking

Being an ambassador will open up access to new networks and the potential to promote and grow your business via our events, promotions and round tables.

Peer Recognition

Aligning yourself with a premium software vendor is a great way to raise your business profile. Stand-out above the competition could help secure future business for your company.

What Will We Expect From You?

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  • Joint Promotions

    Assist us with a written case study highlighting the features of SYSPRO and the benefits the software has brought to your business. We may ask for a short video case study too. These case studies will be used on our website and are also a great way to promote your processes, people and business.

  • Customer Visits

    Sometimes seeing something in action is much more beneficial than reading about it. As an Ambassador you would be assist us by allowing potential K3 customers to visit your site and see first hand how SYSPRO functions during a typical business day. This will allow invaluable insights into real life workings potential customers rarely see. These visits would be assessed case by case and only permitted during days / times to suit you.

  • Surveys & Feedback

    As a long term user of SYSPRO you’ll know what works, what doesn’t and what may need tweaking. That information is vital in helping us improve our products and business. As a ambassador you’ll partake in surveys and questionnaires so we can gain insights from you on how we could improve.

  • Social Media

    We invest in social media as a means to engage with our customers, our prospects and our peers. As a Ambassador we ask that you share and help distribute our social messaging across twitter and linkedin. By combining our reach over the social networks we will all be able to increase our presence and generate more insights and traffic.

  • Event Speaking

    We hold customer events and attend both small and large manufacturing events nationwide. As an ambassador you will have the chance to attend these events with us and speak on our behalf. This is a great way for customers and prospects to “hear it from the horses mouth”, an easy way to increase your business networking and a fantastic way for you to showcase your business and people. we know that public speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so this is optional.

  • On-line Reviews

    Peer recommendations are invaluable in creating a brand that is trusted. As an Ambassador we ask that you provide a review/s on a review site for K3 Syspro. This will help increase awareness of our company, and yours, and help to strengthen the brand.

Sound Appealing?

If you would like to get involved and take part all you need to do is contact Kelly Fleming by clicking below.

Send us mail

1. Terms regarding free of charge days
FOC days can only be taken after 3 months of being a brand ambassador and you should provide K3 Syspro with a review and a case study.

Either party can withdraw from the agreement at any point.