Join us at our Customer Event

We have an action-packed day full of insights, tips and tricks and the latest from SYSPRO HQ to help you keep ahead of the game. With a choice of sessions – many customer led and networking opportunities with like-minded businesses we hope to inspire and celebrate the Movers & Makers of manufacturing and distribution we look forward to seeing you.


Thursday 7th Nov, 2019
Jaguar Visitor Centre
Birmingham, B35 7RA
9:00am – 4:45pm

Event Agenda

Time Session Title
8:15 - 9:00 Early Bird breakfast | Meet the team
9:00 - 9:15 Registration opens | Networking in the Movers & Makers Hub
9:15 - 9:30 Welcome - K3 Syspro Managing Director | Nick McGrane
9:30 - 10:30 Keep ahead of the game with the infinite possibilities of SYSPRO - SYSPRO Chief Innovation Office | Kevin Dherman
Prepare for an exploration of SYSPRO’s roadmap and a sneak peek at the next cool thing on the horizon. Be the first to learn about ERP innovations and how they will benefit you
10:30 - 11:00 Industry Keynote Speaker - Make UK | Charlotte Horobin
With a remit to champion all things Manufacturing, a glass half full look at the UK manufacturing sector
11:00 - 11:15 Break
11:15 - 11:35 Customer Presentation - Rocket Medical
11:35 - 11:55 Imagine: The Art of The Possible - K3 Group Technology Evangelist and Strategist | Gauker Sigurdsson
11:55 - 12:00 Morning wrap up and overview of afternoon sessions
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch and networking in the Movers and Makers Hub
Time Stream 1 - Enabling Digital Business Stream 2 - Industry Built Solution Stream 3 - Future Proofing
Session 1
13:00 - 1:40
How to better leverage SYSPRO: the Business Process Review
"We've always done it this way but as the business continues to grow, we find ourselves constantly fire-fighting” Sound familiar? Do you wonder if there is a better way? Radius one of our customer's recognised a challenge in their order fulfilment process and knew there had to be a better way. Join this session to learn about their process improvement journey and what a BPR can do for your organisation and what it entails.
Audience: Decision Makers
Accelerating IT Performance: Tips & Tricks
Have you tuned it to the best performing system to date? Join this session for tips and tricks that focus on leveraging SYSPRO 8 changes to enhance performance, security, system availability, administration, and scalability. Ensure that your business is not falling behind, technologically and competitively.
Audience: IT and SYSPRO Champions
Imagine - lifting the lid
Discover K3|imagine, the development platform with a difference - up close and personal. This interactive session will explore what's possible. Cloud native and business platform agnostic, K3|imagine makes it easy for businesses to develop and run standard and bespoke business apps, while agility, scalability and security help bring ideas to life faster than ever before. It quickly and easily plugs into your existing back-end systems giving you the opportunity to embrace the future without re-engineering your present and past.
Audience: Finance Directors, Operation Directors and Developers
Move time
Session 2
1:45 - 2:25
Keep ahead of the game by Planning Strategically with SYSPRO's Manufacturing Operations Management
SYSPRO's MOM solution can help you gain the manufacturing edge to remain competitive in today's market. In the session, you will learn how K3 Syspro customers have leveraged SYSPRO MOM to help them: - Measure manufacturing performance to drive to world class standards of operation by collecting, tracking and analyzing their production data - Gain a 360 degree view of their manufacturing floor to monitor factory performance and manage loss - Digitize their factory.
Audience: Ops Director
Keep ahead of the game: Leveraging your Financials
New and experienced users alike will learn about the new improvements in SYSPRO that help Finance teams operate more efficiently as well as how to be HMRC MTD compliant
Audience: Finance Director, CFO and finance controllers
AI Answers the Questions You've Yet to Ask
AI Answers the Questions You've Yet to Ask AI is primed to disrupt. The competitive advantages afforded to businesses investing in this technology are significant and will continue to be a force multiplier in the market. Thissession will illustrate the potential of AI across multiple industries with a focus on leveraging AI in Manufacturing with an emphasis on tactical steps for building this competency within your organization.
Audience: IT and SYSPRO Champions
2:25 - 2:45 Break
Session 3
2:45 - 3:25
Keep ahead of the game with improved decision making and insights
Business Insights improve business performance and drive business behaviour by providing real-time, business-critical data for quicker analysis, decision-making and execution. Join this session to learn how a K3 Syspro Customer embraced this SYSPRO tool to empower users to meet their goals, targets and deadlines.
Audience: Decision makers and IT
20 tips in 40 mins - quick business wins
This session will help you get the most from your SYSPRO investment. Learn easy to use tips and tricks to increase your overall productivity and effectiveness.
Audience: IT and SYSPRO Champions
Keep ahead of the game with improved quality
If you need to meet stringent regulations, don't miss this session. We will explore new features available allowing you better tracking and traceabilty throughout the system, as well as improved recall and complaint management functionality
Audience: Quality Managers and Operation Directors
Move time
Session 4
3:30 - 4:10
Keep ahead of the game with SYSPRO
Join this session to hear the story of a customer embarking on the SYSRPO journey to drive efficiencies and support the growth in the business. We will explore their complex business drivers and the solution the K3 Syspro team delivered to address these including Orchard and a bespoke rebates solution. See SYSPRO 8 in action.
Audience: SYSPRO Champions and Decision makers
Keep ahead of the game: Strategic Supply Chain
Purchasing decisions and supplier relationships can play a strategic role for businesses. Join this session and you'll walk away with the knowledge of how to eliminate repetitive vendor inquiries and manual paper processing, as well as reduce complaints and errors. If adding more efficiency, accuracy, and automation to your procurement activities is in your business plans, this is a must-attend session.
Audience: Ops Director/Purchasing
Cybersecurity in the age of connectivity
Today, cyberattacks and data breaches pose some of the biggest threats to your finances, operations and brand. Get educated on the risks from cybersecurity experts Sonic Wall and find out how to increase your resilience against cybercrime – such as hacking, phishing and malware attacks. Reveal the cybersecurity risks in your business in just 5 minutes with our Cybersecurity Health Check. You even get a personalised risk score.
Audience: Decision makers and IT
Time Session Title
4:20 - 4:45 Wrap up & Interview Panel Q&A
4:45 - Onwards Join us for Networking over a drink

Keep ahead of the game where you can learn about the latest trends and technologies available to you. This event will provide you with a platform for networking where you can come together with other SYSPRO customers, partners and product experts.

We will be running a series of sessions on key subjects (including Accelerating IT Performance, Improved decision making and Insights), and these will be run by the implementation consultants some, alongside our customers.  They will present the solutions from a real world business perspective from people like you. Showing you what works, what doesn’t and why.  With plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Get inspired by the thought provoking keynote speakers and find out how some of our customers are ‘Keeping ahead of the game’

Checkout the agenda for a taste of what we have in store – drop in sessions on the day….no need to book.

Why Attend

Engage with SYSPRO customers, partners and product experts

Get inspired by the thought-provoking keynote speakers

Understand how the latest technology trends are transforming business

Learn how to Keep ahead of the game

Engage one-on-one with our technical support experts

Network together with SYSPRO leaders and experts

Hear from business leaders as they share real-world experiences and success stories

” The presentation on where SYSPRO is heading was first class. It is so valuable to see the future from the key people in Syspro South Africa – thankyou “

” A unique opportunity to open your eyes on how to get more out of SYSPRO and hear about future developments from the software authors “

” Interesting, informative event to keep customers up to date with new concepts and an opportunity to engage with both SYSPRO personnel and other Companies using SYSPRO “

” The morning presentation from the South African office was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t fault their presentation skills and it really got me excited about the future and what we can expect over the next few years “

” This is a must attend event, and the only place where it is possible to meet with such a diverse group of K3 staff at the same time as networking with fellow SYSPRO users “

” It was very interesting to learn about the future of SYSPRO and I really enjoyed listening to a user and getting his perspective on how the system has helped improve his business “