Titan drives market growth with integrated SYSPRO solution

Specialist component manufacturer Titan is expecting to drive growth throughout the entire business after investing in a new integrated enterprise resource planning system from K3 Syspro (K3). The new solution encompasses an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system and will replace Titan’s existing Materials Resource Planning (MRP) software. The company expects SYSPRO to drive efficiencies throughout the entire business and help it achieve growth into a number of new markets.

Titan has recently diversified into the automotive, aerospace, marine and defence industries and is placing a focus on smaller sized engines, forced induction and clean technologies as it looks to expand its market presence further. A fully integrated SYSPRO solution with APS provision will seamlessly link raw materials and production capacity to the shopfloor and enable the company to respond more quickly to demand.

“We needed a solution that would provide us with seamless integration into our other business systems and that was scalable enough to grow with us and not be restrictive.”
Mark Martin, Systems Manager, Titan

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