SYSPRO puts Protean business management in Hi-Pa™ Drive

Clean technology pioneer Protean Electric has awarded K3 Business Technology Group (K3) a contract to supply a fully integrated SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to support the company’s rapid growth and expansion plans. The groundbreaking green automotive propulsion manufacturer has begun implementing the system with a go-live scheduled for January 2010.

Protean Electric’s revolutionary Hi-Pa Drive system is a powerful, light and clean power delivery system and development platform that meets a wide range of vehicle propulsion applications. The system is a disruptive in-wheel vehicle propulsion alternative for all sizes of vehicle, giving engineers, designers and integrators more power per pound, energy recovery, range, profits and design flexibility.

This intelligent clean technology helps car manufactures to profitably build plug-in series hybrid electric vehicles with superior range, lower costs and more attractive designs.

K3’s implementation plan is excellent and the modular design of SYSPRO makes it a very cost-effective solution. As we demand more from the system, we can extend it. This will provide a future-proof investment for the company
Sylvie Nonhebel, Purchasing and Project Manager, Protean Electric

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