SYSPRO 8 2021 R2 New features:

  • Supply Chain Portal: Customer Account Management
    Your customers will get access to information relating to their account and view their account status, details of their transactions, and download their statements in PDF.
  • Supply Chain Portal: Supplier Account Management
    Suppliers are able to view their account status and other details related to their account, and their commitments to the business. They will also have visibility of payments, active purchase orders, return to supplier transactions and be able to download remittance advices in PDF format.
  • Missions and Tasks
    Missions and Tasks is a new inventory control capability that provides the ability to queue inventory transactions for warehouse operators to perform on mobile devices. Put-aways, cycle counting and order picking missions can be created.
  • SYSPRO Operator to SYSPRO Employee Link
    This solution has been enabled to allow for the allocation of missions and tasks to a SYSPRO Employee, and then allow for the cross-reference of that Employee to a SYSPRO Operator when they log on to Espresso, in order to filter their available transactions.
  • Espresso Cycle Count
    This mobile application is used to service a configured Cycle Count that has been scheduled or manually created in SYSPRO.
  • SYSPRO ODataConnector
    OData is a new connector that SYSPRO has made available to allow read-only access to the SYSPRO SQL Database. OData, short for Open Data Protocol, is an open protocol that allows data to be queried making use of the RESTful API. This enables 3rd Parties to have a seamless, secure, efficient, integration with SYSPRO Data. To secure the OData access we have provided a mechanism for flagging a SYSPRO operator as an OData operator. The system will then generate a set of credentials that can be used by that operator in the OData environment.
  • SYSPRO Business Activity Queries
    SYSPRO Business Activity Queries are created to serve the needs of creating custom datasets in SYSPRO. They are built and secured in SYSPRO, then surfaced to users through their enterprise reporting and intelligence solutions. In 2021 R2, we are providing you with an environment where an administrator can define business views of SYSPRO data and allow access in a controlled way.
  • SYSPRO Business Insight Tile Builder
    SYSPRO Business Insight Tiles, provide insightful summary and detail information via prebuilt shipped insight tiles in SYSPRO. In this release we provide you with an interface to allow an Insight Tile to be created and modified using a simple no code builder.
  • More details can be seen by reading the SYSPRO 8 2021 R2 feature highlights

SYSPRO 8 2021 R1 New features:

  • Group payments have been introduced allowing payments from customers and suppliers to be processed across multiple companies, thereby streamlining business processes.
  • Improved production reporting and analysis with extended WIP by branch ledger integration at work centre level
  • Reduced file system storage– the following files will now be stored in the SQL database:
    • RTF notepad documents attached to entities
    • CMS Activity body RTF documents
    • CMS Activity attachments
    • CMS Organization lists
  • More details can be seen by reading the SYSPRO 8 2021 R1 feature highlights.

SYSPRO 8 2020 R2 New features:

  • SRS Reporting Services Upgrade to SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP8
  • Reduced file system storage– the following files will now be stored in the SQL database:
    • All customised SRS reports and documents
    • SRS report / document archive (this can be deferred if the archive is larger than 500 MB)
    • Option within system wide personalisation to store User UI settings (previously held within base/settings) within SysSettings
  • WIP Integration by Branch– previously integration was only possible by job classification
  • Intrastat triangulation
  • VAT Reverse Charges for Tax submission
  • SO discounts and enhanced security for RMA
  • Completion of all programs in Avanti– Note, some programs such as Report Writer and SRS Designer will not be available in Avanti.
  • More details can be seen by reading the SYSPRO 8 2020 R2 feature highlights