Server-Side Printing: More than just printing.

Server-Side Printing is an option that was introduced in SYSPRO 7. It is a function that makes reporting easier to access, and helps make your team more productive. But what exactly is Server-Side Printing, and why does your business need it?

Server-Side refers to an operation that is performed by the server in a client-server relationship in computer networking.

So, with Server-Side Printing reports are generated on a web server and are printed to a printer that is installed to the web server. Users can have the option to choose the printer that is near their location and allow the printing to be handled by the server, which can overcome previous issues where users do not have access to the applications required to print exported reports.

But what additional benefits can server side printing bring your business?

Easy to access reports

Reports which are stored on the server can be accessed in a variety of formats and from a multitude of different devices. Put simply, this means your mobile phone is able to run a new report and retrieve and open it in a PDF format; allowing you to remain productive when away from your workstation.

Report Scheduling

Ever needed to start a client report on your client machine at the end of the day so it’s ready for the following morning- inconvenient isn’t it?
With Server-Side Printing you can schedule reports on the server, making this onerous task a thing of the past.

Reduced network traffic

With Server-Side Printing, you request a report from the server. The request goes in to a reporting queue, much like the printing queue, and then the server generates and saves the report before sending you the final results in whatever format that you requested. The savings are even greater where multiple people want the same report. Rather than multiple workstations calling for data and crunching the report, they all just retrieve the same final result from the server. This is a contrast to how you currently request reports. Without Server-Side Printing your workstation sends the report requirements across the network to the SYSPRO server. The server gathers all of the data you need and sends all that data back to your workstation, where it is finally formed into a report, often a much slower and more complex process.

And the bottom line?

Your business can reduce administration time, while increasing productivity
Enabling Server-Side Printing offloads all of the report generation work from your personal workstation to the much more powerful server. This makes report generation much faster.
What’s more, there is no need to have Crystal Reports installed to generate reports, as the SYSPRO install on each personal work station takes care of this. This frees up space, reduces administration times, increases productivity, and could even extend the life of your hardware.

These are just some of the some of the many benefits of Server-Side Printing, which is a useful feature in SYSPRO 7 that makes reporting easier to access and helps make your team more productive.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like more information on Server-Side Printing, or to unlock some of the powerful benefits Server-Side Printing can bring your business, talk to us today.

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