R is for Reporting

We live in the world of “Big Data” and the need for extracting, interpreting and reporting on this data is key to the efficient running of the business. Not only has this data got to be accessible at the touch of the button “Information at your Fingertips” but it needs to be accessible in multiple ways to multiple people using multiple devices.

So how can K3 help? Well there are a number of existing tools that SYSPRO provide that can be used to provide data, either in the traditional way of printed reports to the screen or to paper:

• Syspro Reporting Services can be used to create new or enhance existing reports to get information required
• Creating Executive dashboards and views on the back of custom SQL views to present summarised data in Custom Panes

There is now a third solution developed exclusively by K3, the “Web Print Utility”. This utility provides server side reporting and is published via a web browser. This enables it to be made available on smartphones, tablets and machines without a SYSPRO client installed on it giving added flexibility.

So what are the potential uses for this new utility, well as long as the client is on the network or connected via VPN then users can:

• Schedule reports to be run at specific times which can then be printed to a file or emailed to relevant users
• Management can run their executive reports from wherever they are and at whatever time they choose on handheld devices
• Salesmen out on the road can run reports immediately before visiting customers giving them a breakdown of order status, and the ability to check the stock situation without having to call the office.

As more and more data is generated, K3 is continually providing innovative solutions to interpret this data in an efficient and effective manner to drive business decisions.

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