Personalising your ERP workspace – SYSPRO 8’s customised user experience

Personalising your ERP workspace – SYSPRO 8’s customised user experience 

Everyone works differently and makes different demands of our IT systems, including ERP. SYSPRO 8 embraces that diversity and, in setting new standards in usability, opens the doors to personalised workspaces. SYSPRO’s latest release doesn’t demand that users conform to a norm but gives ERP the personal touch. Being able to customise workspaces improves engagement, accelerates uptake and confronts resistance to change. By prioritising personalisation, SYSPRO opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Technology shouldn’t dictate how you use it. The most innovative and accessible systems are those which offer personalised interfaces and features that respond to individual needs and requirements. SYSPRO 8 gives the power back to the people, allowing users to customise their experience and access the information relevant to them – where and when they need it.


Implementing a new ERP system can be a game-changer for manufacturers. The companies we work with at K3 Syspro reap huge benefits from digitisation. Yet these software solutions are only effective with the buy-in of their users. SYSPRO understands that the more users can customise their workspace and adapt it to their individual needs, the greater the impact.


SYSPRO 8 offers users the opportunity to simplify and configure the system to suit their bespoke requirements. This is key to securing long-term gains in productivity. SYSPRO 8 offers a highly configurable interface which allows users to tailor the look, feel and functionality.


Using Business Insights, they have visibility of each KPI or metric relevant to their role, with work-to lists providing a customisable view of everything they need to do to get the job done. Bringing together all relevant data, shortcuts, views and conversations from social ERP, it provides a personalised environment that evolves with the needs of the user.


Not all employees are tech-savvy, and many are sceptical about what ERP can really offer them. It is critical that the information they receive is relevant rather than overwhelming and that all features have practical applications in their day-to-day job. In SYSPRO 8, a visual drag-and-drop interface allows them to design their own personalised, single-screen view from any SYSPRO program, without the need for programming skills.


Meanwhile, pre-defined KPIs and insights appear in real time, alerting them to take immediate action. Through social ERP, users can communicate, collaborate and conduct daily business, ensuring they always have their finger on the pulse.


By encouraging users to take ownership and customise their workspace, manufacturers accelerate uptake and ensure the superpowers of SYSPRO ERP are available to the entire workforce.


Whatever the future holds, employees will always perform better if they are valued as individuals and given the chance to tailor their digital as well as physical spaces. Choose SYSPRO and put your people at the heart of ERP.


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