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Is your business being held back by Excel?

Globally our SYSPRO experts spend a lot of time in customers’ businesses trying to identify barriers to increased productivity and business growth. Time and time again we come across businesses that, despite having invested heavily in technology and having ERP systems such as SYSPRO ERP in place, remain heavily reliant on vast Excel ecosystems. When undertaking reporting, budgeting, financial planning and modelling, many businesses take a lot of their data back out of their ERP system and manually input it into numerous – and often enormous – Excel spreadsheets.

Not only is this process complicated and very cumbersome, but it’s also unstructured and error prone. In short, it’s not a sustainable solution because businesses are spending too much time just managing these ecosystems rather than analysing the data that resides in them.

Streamline financial planning

This is where the SYSPRO and Prophix partnership, which delivers integrated cross operational budgeting, planning and reporting capabilities, comes into its own. Prophix is a leading global provider of innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that automates critical financial processes such as budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting. Thanks to the integration between SYSPRO ERP and Prophix’s CPM software, we can now take a business’ entire ecosystem and streamline it through automation, making it accurate and easy to interpret.

Our customers that have introduced Prophix CPM alongside SYSPRO ERP spend a lot less time crunching data and instead spend time analysing data, driving more value and greater insight into their businesses, which in turn enables them to make better critical business decisions and become more competitive.

And it’s not just our customers that are benefiting, SYSPRO themselves have also implemented Prophix with almost immediate success, you can read the case study here.

Accurate data that drives genuine insight

UK manufacturers face increased global competition, as well as uncertainty surrounding the impact that disruptive technologies will have on the industry, so agility – the ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change – has never been more important. But true agility depends on accurate data, sound information and insight. Only with this to hand will businesses be in a position to make informed business decisions and quickly respond to external factors.

By combining the operational elements of an ERP system with the planning elements from a CPM system, our customers are becoming much more agile and more competitive. Thanks to our partnership with Prophix they can start to undertake detailed scenario planning and make informed decisions for the future – whatever that future might be.

One of our team of expert consultants would be happy to have an informal discussion with you about how to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology, and how this can prepare your business for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Whether you are an existing customer or you are new to ERP and trying to navigate your way through, talk to us. We have been supporting our customers for almost 35 years and helping them to keep pace with rapidly-changing technological developments every step of the way. Our experts are ready to help. We’re just a call away. 0161 876 4498 or contact your Account Manager direct if you are a current customer.

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