What is GDPR?

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens’ data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.

GDPR affects anyone doing business in the EU. If you intend to do business with any of the 508 million people living in the EU, you need to review your business systems to ensure you comply.

What are the Considerations for Your Business?

In order to safe guard an individuals personal data, GDPR provides 8 key rights as well as strengthening those that already exist under the current Data Protection Act. Every business must adopt appropriate measures to protect personal information of their staff, suppliers and customers to remain compliant with GDPR. Have you and your business:-

Identified the personal data in your system and where it resides?

Implemented governance on how personal data is accessed and used?

Established appropriate security controls to prevent, detect and respond to data vulnerabilities?

Decided how to respond to requests about data privacy?

Created document compliance, including records of processing activities and responses to requests from individuals?

Established ways of reporting data breaches in a timely fashion as required by GDPR?

How can SYSPRO Facilitate Your Business Compliance?

While it is each business’s responsibility to adopt appropriate governance and standards to protect personal information SYSPRO can facilitate by offering:-

A wealth of audit trails to highlight data access.

The ability to create additional controls via e-signatures.

Access control to certain personal data fields.

Activity access restriction within programs that relates to the adding, updating or viewing personal data fields.

Program restrictions that relate to the adding, updating or viewing of personal data fields

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