Warehouse Management Solution

a sales and distribution module


The Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) ensures that material is located correctly, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time, stored and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer. WMS is not solely concerned with stock location and movement – powerful rules can be embedded to aid organisations that deliver to their customers on a just-in-time basis and/or have sequencing rules imposed upon the content of any given dispatch.

The benefits of Warehouse Management Solution

  • WMS uses advanced workflow technology to model the warehouse environment and recommend actions based on a number of factors, including the capacity and zone of bin locations, the accessibility, volume and weight constraints of forklifts, and the physical warehouse environments and activity. For example, WMS can be set up to perform very simple ‘chaos binning’ or sophisticated priority based zone binning with all levels in between
  • There are a number of options for processing transactions within WMS. As well as via desktop computers with or without touch screens, data can also be entered and queried using Radio Frequency (RF) devices such as hand held or forklift truck mounted devices with bar code readers. Using RF data is updated instantly and is validated online ensuring the correct stock and containers are selected from the instructions
  • Real time control over raw materials, usage and the associated costs, eliminates the need for annual stock checks
  • Bar coding allows the accurate labelling of stock items and records inventory transactions utilising bar coding validation at source, thereby removing the need for duplication of data capture. Bar codes can be captured using desktop, touch screen, radio frequency and batch scanners for all transaction types
  • By capturing transactions at source, accuracy of stock information is ensured. Operators can pick against a pick list, in conjunction with bar code scanning, removing the problems typically associated with dispatch errors

WMS Features

  • Work in Progress - KANBAN pull rules can be applied to ensure stock is always available for production at the line side work cells. Movements are automatically invoked to replenish stocks to WIP from storage, as raw materials are being consumed during the production cycle
  • Pallet Control provides the ability to manage stock at container, pallet or stillage level. It simplifies the capturing of transactional details and provides higher traceability. It also provides the ability to scan the unique container bar code which describes both the stock code and the quantity and any relevant lot and serial information
  • WMS’s Two Stage Put Away caters for those companies who require this. For example where “shunter” forklift trucks are used to move pallets to and from main storage, where the goods are then placed in racking by high reach forklift trucks. In this scenario the receipt of stock to end of aisle is classified as one movement, and from the end of the aisle to the main storage bin is classified as a second movement
  • Two Stage Picking/Narrow Aisles - with the introduction of narrow aisle management, Two Stage Bulk Picking has been made available in WMS providing a more efficient way of managing bulk movement resource in the warehouse
  • Wave KANBAN provides wave replenishment of storage and picking areas of the warehouse, allowing the configuration of the storage areas to incorporate the fastest moving products as well as efficient replenishment of the pick face
  • WMS allows for Forecasting of Stock for future potential orders by Customer, ring fencing stock for that Customer even before the product has been made or bought in
  • WMS now allows for batch picking by Carton. The Cartons can get created at the same time as the Pick is produced, assigning multiple pick lines to each Carton. It is then the Cartons which determine and validate the pick sequence
  • WMS Server Side functionality can be integrated with message queues to allow for the auto allocation and release of orders as they are entered into SYSPRO
  • K3 WMS can provide barcodes in various formats including EAN 128 GS-1, and 2D Matrix. WMS comes with a wide range of standard reports and enquiries. In addition, using SYSPRO Reporting Services (a separate module which includes Crystal Report Writer) or SQL stored procedures, customised reports and enquiries can be created
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