Trade Promotions

a sales and distribution module


SYSPRO’s comprehensive Trade Promotions functionality provides increased control and efficient management of your promotions, thereby reducing time-consuming reconciliations and improving accuracy and profitability. With its clear visibility of Pareto, forecasting, inventory and sales data, SYSPRO enables quick identification of suitable items for promotion such as new, rebranded and seasonal items, slow movers, or those nearing expiry date.

The Benefits of Trade Promotions

  • Streamlined promotion and deduction processing for industries selling through retail outlets, and the consumer packaged goods industry
  • Improved visibility and invoice accuracy mitigates costly errors and write-offs
  • Efficient reconciliation of accounts
  • Single and multi-level credit checking, with selective inclusion of outstanding deductions
  • Pricing
    • Bracket pricing and discounts based on quantity, volume or weight
    • Automatic application of bracket pricing for incoming EDI orders
    • Pricing for product groups and delivery methods
  • Flexible promotions
    • Promotion qualification by weight, volume or quantity
    • Promotion reviews for applying paybacks by cash or credit
    • Off-invoice allowances, accruals and free-goods promotions
    • Price changes, line promotions or line discounts for off-invoice promotions
    • Tracking of accrued promotions
  • Deduction review and reconciliation
    • Resolution, write-off and matching of deductions to available accrued promotions for improved control
    • Automatic adjustments of accounts receivable invoices for streamlined processing
    • Automatic write-off of small amounts

Trade Promotions Features

  • Configure promotions for either order date or requested delivery date ranges
  • Recalculate line item pricing in order entry at any time to obtain group pricing
  • Select to apply promotions to individual lines or entire orders
  • Match accrued promotions with specific deduction codes
  • Configure free goods promotions to supply ordered or specific stock, free or at a reduced price
  • Capture deductions at the time of accounts receivable payment processing
  • Review, change and split deduction amounts among customers, and change deduction codes on a single screen
  • Reinstate unauthorised deductions as accounts receivable debit memos
  • Enter notes and maintain follow-up dates
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