Inventory Optimisation

a sales and distribution module


SYSPRO’s Inventory Optimisation (IO), together with Inventory Forecasting, Families and Groupings and Requirements Planning, provides the tools and processes to optimise stock levels, ensuring stock is in the right place at the right time and reduce obsolescence.

The Benefits of Inventory Optimisation

  • Modelling of different what-if policy scenarios for the best mix of service and inventory investment
  • Improved stock turns and service levels
  • Reduction of waste in the supply chain
  • Risk policies use Poisson or normal distribution for target service levels
  • Consolidation of warehouses at regional or territory level for logistical and supply chain purposes
  • Highlighting of problems, such as over- or under-stocking, and stock-outs
  • Improved ability to manage demand
  • Clear and objective measures of the balance between supply and demand
  • Optimisation at the stock-keeping-unit (SKU) level with aggregation up to higher levels
  • Selection sets in common with inventory forecasting allowing for consistency in processing

Inventory Optimisation Features

  • Utilise monthly or weekly time buckets
  • Define either fixed or risk based policies per SKU
  • Copy policies across multiple SKU’s
  • Calculate and create min/max stock levels per time bucket based on defined policies Edit draft min/max levels to reflect market intelligence
  • Control and validate the min/max levels before making them active
  • Approve draft min/max stock levels for use in Requirements Planning
  • Review excess stock as defined by company policy, and create supply chain transfers to re-distribute the surplus
  • View and edit all inputs to target stock (set-up, policies, forecast, historic demand, forecast accuracy) in one interface
  • Review the Actual Service Level vs expected service level for each SKU

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