Inventory Forecasting

a sales and distribution module


SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting enables you to produce forecasts based on sales history, and provides the tools to measure the quality of your forecasts. It uses a set of mathematical algorithms to predict future sales based on historic demand, and enables you to easily identify those products that contribute the most to your business in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold and hits.

The Benefits of Inventory Forecasting

  • Variety of forecast algorithms, including a competition method which automatically selects the best algorithm for the collection
  • Analysis of product performance at stock code, warehouse, product class, supplier, planner or buyer level
  • Enhanced data selection sets which carry through the entire process through into Inventory Optimisation
  • Application of seasonality factors
  • Powerful Pareto analysis
  • Forecast generated at stock-keeping unit (SKU) level
  • Batch updating of forecast parameters
  • Automatic updating of forecast history from sales in real time
  • Identification of unpredictable items with a powerful review of forecast accuracy achieved
  • Use of proxies to forecast items with no history
  • Create forecasts for SKUs either manually or in a batch mode

Inventory Forecasting Features

  • Define multiple calendars
  • Set forecast horizon up to 24 months
  • Utilise monthly or weekly time buckets
  • Identify the items that contribute most to the business through Pareto analysis
  • Set default algorithms at company, SKU group or individual SKU level
  • Remove outliers and anomalies either manually or automatically
  • Manually forecast items which typically require market intelligence, or are of critical importance to the business
  • Edit history to exclude specific invoices and outliers or make manual adjustments
  • Edit draft forecast to reflect market intelligence
  • Store three or more years of history and purge unwanted history
  • Compare manual forecast with computer- recommended forecast
  • Control and validate the forecast before making it active
  • Convert approved forecast to current forecast in requirements planning
  • Review forecast accuracy to measure and improve the quality of forecast
  • Improve visibility with configurable graphical output
  • Edit and optionally freeze draft forecast to reflect market intelligence
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