Inventory Families and Groupings

a sales and distribution module


Families and Groupings is an essential tool for any organisation in a demand-driven environment allowing for the aggregated view, and manipulation, of both sales and forecasts and providing input to material requirements planning. SYSPRO Inventory Families and Groupings provides the tools to arrange ‘collections’ of stock-keeping units (SKUs) into families and groupings of similar items. These collections provide a high-level view of items from which sales forecasts can be produced and the quality of the forecast measured.

The Benefits of Inventory Families and Groupings

  • Forecasts at various levels in the family hierarchy (grandfather, father, child)
  • Multi-level analysis of family performance over time
  • Variety of forecasting algorithms, including a competition method which automatically selects the best algorithm for the collection
  • Default algorithms at company or collection level
  • Pareto (ABC) analysis for ranking items within each collection
  • Analysis of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or hits (invoice line occurrences) using Pareto capability
  • Automatic real-time updates of collection history
  • Configurable graphical output for improved visibility

Inventory Families and Groupings Features

  • Establish families or groupings of SKUs using SYSPRO’s unique collections capability with hierarchical structures for brand - or product type views
  • Group warehouses for purposes of forecasting at a regional or territory level for logistical or supply chain purposes
  • Generate forecasts at a brand level to facilitate a more targeted marketing strategy
  • Consolidate SKUs with different pack sises using an alternate, common unit of measure
  • Forecast using sales value, cost value, quantity or gross profit as the basis
  • Detect seasonality and apply forecasts to seasonal data if present
  • Manually or automatically remove outliers and anomalies
  • Compare manual forecasts with computer- recommended forecasts
  • Aggregate sales history of the collection members to enable a forecast at collection level and then disaggregate the collection forecast back to SKU level
  • Validate forecasts before activating
  • Optionally edit history at collection level
  • Use SKU history of three or more years
  • Utilise monthly or weekly time buckets
  • Set forecast horizon up to 24 months
  • Edit and optionally freeze draft forecast to reflect market intelligence
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