SYSPRO Sales solutions enable you to manage all elements of the sales cycle, from managing your customer and supplier details, to identifying key sales trends.

SYSPRO Distribution solutions provide the technology to manage a supply chain from end to end. Our highly developed distribution solutions enable maximum control and flexibility over operations and inventory and are ideally suited to single and multi-site, domestic and international operations, where operational efficiency is fundamental to success.

Contact Management

SYSPRO Contact Management allows you to define and manage a rich set of information about the people with whom you do business, as well as the individuals within your organisation. It helps manage information, not only traditional SYSPRO customers and suppliers, but also other business relationships such as potential customers (prospects), consultants and competitors.

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SYSPRO Quotations provides the flexibility to produce quotes with multiple offers on stocked and/ or customised (estimated) items for existing and prospective customers. The power of this system becomes evident when one or more stock items must be specially made; in these cases a supporting estimate can be created. This, in turn, may have one or more special parts, which again can be supported by an estimate, and so on. This process can be extended to 14 levels, which are then rolled up to complete the quotation’s top-level costing.

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Product Configurator

SYSPRO Product Configurator provides a rules-based system of multiple configuration options via a web-based interface, enabling the efficient and accurate configuration of products for enhanced customer service and operational efficiency.

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Counter Sales

SYSPRO Counter Sales facilitates over-the-counter sales transactions by enabling the receipt of payments and deposits at the point of transaction.

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Sales Orders

SYSPRO Sales Orders enhances customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfillment while maximising sales through instant access to information on stock availability, prices and product substitutions.

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Blanket Sales Orders & Releases

SYSPRO Blanket Sales Orders provides an effective method of setting up contracts between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers by providing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-offs and cumulative tracking.

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Sales Analysis

SYSPRO Sales Analysis provides insight into sales activities to improve sales profitability and provide information for sales forecasting and planning on a number of levels.

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Inventory Management

SYSPRO Inventory Management enables effective customer service and improved profits by providing superior inventory functionality to optimise stock levels.

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Point of Sale

SYSPRO Point of Sale offers a wide variety of features encompassing all your in-store requirements, enabling you to deliver a superior experience to your store personnel and customers.

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Request for Quote

Request for Quote (RFQ) expedites the purchasing process by creating and submitting an RFQ to multiple prospective and existing SYSPRO suppliers, recording and tracking bids, and ultimately initiating a Blanket Purchase Order, Requisition, or standard Purchase Order from the successful bid.

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Purchase Orders

SYSPRO Purchase Orders is an integral part of the organisation’s distribution and manufacturing functions. It enables the monitoring of the quality, accuracy, lead times and cost of purchases, while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.

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Lot Traceability

SYSPRO Lot Traceability enables you to maximise quality control by tracking products, materials and processes, as well as by facilitating effective recalls. It caters for the tracking of materials through receipt, manufacture, assembly, inspection, stocking and final distribution, while maintaining quality assurance certification and tracking expiration dates.

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Return to Vendor

To provide an efficient method of controlling the return and exchange of items bought from suppliers, ensuring visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

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Landed Cost Tracking

SYSPRO’s Landed Cost Tracking (LCT) provides visibility of imported goods through shipment tracking and enables greater control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs. It enables you to track shipments of imported goods, monitor the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments, and establish a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods. Furthermore, it aids the calculation of a more accurate actual cost at which to receive the goods and provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle.

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Trade Promotions

SYSPRO’s comprehensive Trade Promotions functionality provides increased control and efficient management of your promotions, thereby reducing time-consuming reconciliations and improving accuracy and profitability. With its clear visibility of Pareto, forecasting, inventory and sales data, SYSPRO enables quick identification of suitable items for promotion such as new, rebranded and seasonal items, slow movers, or those nearing expiry date.

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Return Merchandise

SYSPRO Return Merchandise provides an easy, efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

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Warehouse Management Solution

The Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) ensures that material is located correctly, delivered to the shop floor just-in-time, stored and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer. WMS is not solely concerned with stock location and movement – powerful rules can be embedded to aid organisations that deliver to their customers on a just-in-time basis and/or have sequencing rules imposed upon the content of any given dispatch.

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Inventory Optimisation

SYSPRO’s Inventory Optimisation (IO), together with Inventory Forecasting, Families and Groupings and Requirements Planning, provides the tools and processes to optimise stock levels, ensuring stock is in the right place at the right time and reduce obsolescence.

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Inventory Families and Groupings

Families and Groupings is an essential tool for any organisation in a demand-driven environment allowing for the aggregated view, and manipulation, of both sales and forecasts and providing input to material requirements planning. SYSPRO Inventory Families and Groupings provides the tools to arrange ‘collections’ of stock-keeping units (SKUs) into families and groupings of similar items. These collections provide a high-level view of items from which sales forecasts can be produced and the quality of the forecast measured.

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Inventory Forecasting

SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting enables you to produce forecasts based on sales history, and provides the tools to measure the quality of your forecasts. It uses a set of mathematical algorithms to predict future sales based on historic demand, and enables you to easily identify those products that contribute the most to your business in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold and hits.

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We’ve bundled all the Sales and Distribution factsheets into one easy download.

* All factsheets are bundle together in a .rar file and can extracted using winzip. If you are unsure about whether this file will open you can download each single factsheet here.

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