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QlikView is a ‘new generation’ software tool that combines Reporting, Business Intelligence and Web Query into a single product. It is easy to implement and use and it can be installed in a productive environment in days and users are trained in hours. The cost benefits that it offers are therefore significant. Apart from its ease of use, it is very good at combining data from various sources such as multiple databases, text files or Excel. This is particularly useful when people keep their budgets or any other key information outside SYSPRO. It also allows companies to capitalise on their legacy systems by adopting the most updated tools and technologies.

The Benefits of Qlikview

  • Create ad hoc queries without requiring tediously defined structures and hierarchies
  • Unrestricted analysis of application data, helping users make time-saving and accurate decisions
  • Measures results across multiple attributes, including customers, market sectors, geographies or products
  • Product Managers can extract value from data held within and outside the organisation to identify market needs which define product feature set requirements
  • Enables the consolidation and analysis of data and information flows between shop floor and back office systems and enable the identification of opportunities to improve operational performance
  • Delivers the same analytical capabilities on desktops and mobile devices to help increase productivity at all levels and locations
  • Quickly and flexibly monitor performance, risk and compliance, offers transparency into key financial metrics and with full transactional detail always available
  • Gives visibility across inbound and outbound logistics, allowing analysis of materials received from suppliers, the movement of materials within the plant and onward delivery to customers. It also provides comprehensive insight into costs, inventory and bottlenecks, enabling management decisions and action to drive efficiency
  • Provides transparency across sourcing, demand management, forecasting and inventory to support supply chain planning and execution activities
  • Supports analysis of supplier performance against SLAs and allows procurement to monitor and evaluate supplier performance and secure improvements to product or service quality
  • Enables analysis of levels of inventory across raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, goods in transit or returns providing visibility and enabling management control

Qlikview Features

  • Highly intuitive interface that encourages exploration
  • Short learning curve and high user acceptance
  • Predefined templates that provide even faster deployment and ROI
  • Multiple deployment scenarios that support both centralised and decentralised configurations
  • Fully integrated data extraction and load facility that integrates all data sources
  • Powerful data cleansing functions
  • Rapid data loads - millions of records can be loaded in minutes
  • Revolutionary Associated Query Logic (AQL) that removes the need for OLAP cubes and can eliminate the need for a data warehouse.
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