Office Integration

an integration and mobility module


SYSPRO Office Integration (SOI) enables anyone in the enterprise to access information directly and securely from the SYSPRO database using a Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel, regardless of whether SYSPRO is installed on their client machine. Furthermore, once the information has been displayed it can be inserted directly into the current document as simple text or tables.

The Benefits of Office Integration

  • Remote access to SYSPRO information without the requirement for a local SYSPRO installation
  • Secure access to SYSPRO information using Microsoft Office applications
  • Microsoft Outlook is the standard integrated email and calendar application
  • Stationery formats such as invoices, order documents and statements can be formatted using a variety of tools, including Microsoft Word

Office Integration Features

  • Define to-do lists to remind users of task steps to complete; e.g. sequential month-end tasks
  • Insert task reminders into Microsoft Outlook’s to-do list
  • Output data to an Excel spreadsheet from any SYSPRO list view
  • Invoke Microsoft MapPoint from within list view SmartLinks
  • Use Microsoft Outlook as an email client for scheduling appointments and meetings, and for storing basic contact information in SYSPRO’s Contact Management system (CMS)
  • Send emails and simultaneously record activities in the SYSPRO CMS
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