Office Automation and Messaging

an integration and mobility module


SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging improves workflow communication and response times, both internally and externally. It can accelerate action on critical events by automatically notifying key people via e-mail or the internal SYSPRO messaging functions. Alternatively, SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging will run a program as events occur or when data reaches a pre-configured level. Furthermore, it provides for e-mailing or faxing from directly within SYSPRO.

Office Automation and Messaging Features

  • Emailing and faxing of transactional documents and reports from within SYSPRO
  • Email notifications from within Electronic Signatures and Event Management
  • Events for triggering emails, running SYSPRO or other applications, and writing to a log file for later review
  • Emailing via Microsoft Exchange or any MAPI-compliant product (e.g. Lotus Notes)
  • Support for other mail transport protocols (e.g. SMTP) via VBScripting
  • Validation against Microsoft Exchange Address Books for accurate delivery of messages and reports

Event Management

  • Monitor events as they happen and automatically notify one or more people
  • Conditional logic adds intelligence to notification, e.g. only the buyer of an item is emailed
  • Customise triggers, with effective dates
  • Place standard variables in the command line to specify desired events

Sample Event

  • Stock on hand negative
  • Stock less than safety or minimum
  • Stock above maximum
  • Goods receipt
  • Bank balance less than specified parameter
  • Customer balance is greater than percentage of allowed credit limit
  • Supplier balance greater than specified parameter
  • Job costs exceed expected levels
  • Lot quantity on hand falls to zero
  • New stock item added
  • Customer now within credit limit
  • Sales order released from credit check
  • Access security breach attempt
  • General ledger YTD actual greater than YTD budget by specific percentage
  • New supplier added
  • New customer added
  • Requisition routed to another user
  • Estimate available for use
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