SYSPRO provides a complete integration framework through to client interface, allowing you to email or place orders over the internet, perform a stock take with a mobile device, SYSPRO Integration Framework enables you to extend your SYSPRO ERP application to work with other systems within the enterprise, and to extend beyond the enterprise.


DataSwitch is a purpose built system integration and data manipulation tool, capable of processing data from files or databases that are external to your SYSPRO ERP system. It offers a user friendly interface that allows you to automate tricky repetitive data import and export tasks. It is ideally suited for generating multiple transactions from a single input and can be configured to alert operators in the event of any transaction failure.

Features & benefits

Mobile Transaction Processing

Our mobile solutions allow you to streamline your inventory physical counts, purchase order receiving, job issues, inventory movements, sales order picking and much more, using handheld devices or a desktop PC. The information you enter is validated in real-time, saving errors, increasing stock accuracy and adding value to your company. We can integrate to a number of mobile solutions, depending on the level of functionality required in your business.

Features & benefits

Workflow Services

SYSPRO Workflow Services (SWS) provides the capability to design and enable the streamlined flow of business processes through a fluid and user-friendly interface. The application facilitates greater visibility, clarity, transparency and integration throughout the organisation’s business processes.

Features & benefits

Microsoft CRM Integrator

All businesses strive to do three key things: find customers; give them excellent service, satisfaction and products; and then understand them better to deepen and grow that valuable relationship. K3 Syspro recognised that we could make your objectives easier to achieve, and bring you significant tactical and strategic advantages, by making your CRM and ERP systems work in harmony. So we developed the Dynamics CRM Integrator, a Microsoft® certified, unique product enables SYSPRO customers to fully utilise the raw power of Dynamics CRM. The Integrator harnesses both systems, delivering an unmatched platform for sales and service excellence.

Features & benefits

Office Automation and Messaging

SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging improves workflow communication and response times, both internally and externally. It can accelerate action on critical events by automatically notifying key people via e-mail or the internal SYSPRO messaging functions. Alternatively, SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging will run a program as events occur or when data reaches a pre-configured level. Furthermore, it provides for e-mailing or faxing from directly within SYSPRO.

Features & benefits

Office Integration

SYSPRO Office Integration (SOI) enables anyone in the enterprise to access information directly and securely from the SYSPRO database using a Microsoft Office product such as Word or Excel, regardless of whether SYSPRO is installed on their client machine. Furthermore, once the information has been displayed it can be inserted directly into the current document as simple text or tables.

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K3 Syspro seamlessly integrates with online configurator, Driveworks to enable you to deliver a professional and compelling experience, bringing your manufacturing and sales knowledge together to help your sales people, dealers and even your customers configure the products they want and all within the rules of what you know is possible and commercially viable. Driveworks allows for this to be completed, either internally or externally on a range of devices, e.g. tablet, smartphone etc.

Features & benefits

Integration Framework

Integration Framework enables you to extend beyond your enterprise using SYSPRO’s open interface. It encourages integration with best-of-breed third-party products while facilitating collaboration with business partners – the essential links in your supply chain.

Features & benefits

Document Management

K3 Syspro can seamlessly integrate with a number of Document Management solutions, allowing for you to select the right levels of functionality for your business. Document Management software provides the management of electronic documents (check-out, check-in) and can also provide workflow, Document Routing, Electronic Forms, Scanning, Storage, Archiving, Indexing and Records Management.

Features & benefits

We’ve bundled all the Integration and Mobility factsheets into one easy download.

* All factsheets are bundle together in a .rar file and can extracted using winzip. If you are unsure about whether this file will open you can download each single factsheet here.

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Lawson Fuses

Lawson fuses, a specialist in HRC low voltage fuses, has been with SYSPRO for over 27 years and has continually grown our system. A recent investment in our AutoMail system has added a further £20,000 a year to their overall savings.

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Cobham Antenna Systems, an Aerospace & Surveillance division of Cobham PLC needed a controlled way to access all 70,000 of its designs. We suggested Singlepoint which we fully integrated into SYSPRO using our Workflow Service allowing easy manufacture and supply through one system.

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