Work in Progress

a manufacturing module


SYSPRO Work in Progress enables you to minimise job costs through the efficient utilisation of production resources. It allows you to accurately control costs of work orders currently in progress and manage the performance of the shop floor by tracking material, labour and resource utilisation as well as the activity and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

The Benefits of Work in Progress

  • Management of production activities in a variety of manufacturing environments
  • Management and control of production overheads, resources and scrap
  • Management and control of material and operational costs per job
  • Monitoring of job variances between actual and standard
  • Analysis of efficiency and utilisation of shop floor elements
  • Scheduling of jobs according to production calendars
  • Identification of overloaded work centers
  • Automatic creation of jobs from sales orders, quotations and material requirements planning
  • Management of co- and by-product production
  • Trial kitting for checking availability of materials/parts, including different versions of change-controlled parts
  • Milestone and subcontract operations
  • Multi-level job queries
  • Factory documentation and job archiving

Work in Progress Features

  • Define work center and productive unit capacity
  • Create jobs for standard or custom products
  • Issue materials and labour to jobs in kits or by item
  • Post labour at standard or actual employee rate
  • Import job receipt, labour and timesheet data
  • Integrate with bar code data collection systems
  • Record costs incurred on sub-contracted operations
  • Receive completed items into inspection or directly into inventory
  • Create rework jobs as required
  • Link purchase orders to jobs to expedite receiving
  • Determine standards for machines and employees
  • Optionally include non-productive time in job costs
  • Optionally receive manufactured product into an alternate warehouse, or as a different item
  • Create sub-jobs with automatic transfer of values to the master
  • Calculate due dates on a forward, backward, finite or manual basis
  • Place jobs on hold to suspend processing
  • Reserve stock for allocations at the time of confirming a job.
  • Reserve and track lot and serialised items for jobs
  • Recalculate expected costs
  • Archive completed jobs as XML documents
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