Projects and Contracts

a manufacturing module


SYSPRO Projects and Contracts facilitates accurate profit reporting for long-term projects which require analysis of costs and revenues for multiple sections and levels.

The Benefits of Projects and Contracts

  • Real-time actual and committed costs, as well as realised and projected profits
  • Analyse at project job or contract level
  • Deposits, retentions and billing schedules
  • Recall of standard costing hierarchies for similar items to reduce processing time
  • Revenue recognition through sales orders, based on the defined costing hierarchy
  • Calculation of profits taken and projected
  • Profitable areas highlighted
  • Comprehensive reporting for jobs and contracts

Projects and Contracts features

  • Designate up to five user-defined costing levels within a contract
  • Describe the costing hierarchy at the time of creating the job or estimate
  • Assign unlimited numbers of heads to a contract
  • Assign unlimited numbers of sections and sub-sections to a head
  • Assign multiple jobs to a contract for tracking purposes
  • Estimate cost and revenue by levels or sections within a contract
  • Attach purchase order lines to the relevant hierarchy level
  • Associate material labour transactions with the relevant hierarchy level
  • Adjust billing values between heads and sections
  • Base billing on contract or job hierarchy
  • Apply deposit against first or last payment, or progress payments
  • Raise retention invoice after specified term
  • Reduce final invoice by retention value
  • Query jobs in terms of sales, billings, cost of sales and future expected costs
  • Query the total cost of a hierarchical job, including head and section cost details
  • Drill down to transaction detail

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