Advanced Quality Management

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An important process for many users is the measurement and recording of quality outcomes. The Advanced Quality Management (AQM) solution enables your company to incorporate these key processes and procedures within the SYSPRO system.

The Benefits of Advanced Quality Management

  • AQM allows you to define procedures, such as quality tests, that can be triggered by events within SYSPRO. These procedures can capture, report on and process specific data. For example:
    • After a new Stock Code is created a workflow is generated to ensure all relevant data is captured and stored against the stock record
    • After a Works Order has been added a procedure is created for capturing physical test results e.g. Chemical Analysis or Mechanical Properties
  • After a Purchase Order receipt a mechanism is provided for sample inspection testing and approval
  • The procedures themselves are totally user definable. They can be tailored via a set of parameters such as:
    • When the procedure should be triggered
    • What follow-on processes need to be triggered. For example when the procedure is completed or if it passes or fails any validation criteria/tolerance checks
    • Any reports/forms that need to be printed or exported and e-mailed as part of the procedure
  • The template containing all the attributes that define the data to be captured
  • AQM integrates with SYSPRO’s Business and Reporting Services to enhance its workflow capabilities

Advanced Quality Management Features

  • Multi-type procedure template definition
  • Conditional triggering of a procedure from any standard SYSPRO event or trigger point
  • Procedure work queue automatically maintained
  • Enter results in full or in part as procedure progresses
  • Importing of test results
  • Go/No go indication with highlighting of failed elements
  • Automatic triggering of reports e.g. Certificate of Conformity
  • Comprehensive test results analysis and statistics through custom enquiries
  • Entry of test data completed via a web based entry program, allowing for the capture of data within the AQM program or browser
  • Server based printing for central location of templates using the crystal reporting engine
  • The General Enquiries element within AQM allows for the creation of custom queries. When a particular enquiry is run, the results are displayed within a grid that allows for grouping, sorting and filtering to take place. Any changes made to the grid view are saved for that particular operator. Reports can also be added to these enquiries as necessary. Any designated key field within an enquiry can be used to open a specific standard SYSPRO query e.g. Inventory Query
  • The User Table Maintenance feature allows for data to be entered directly into any additional user defined tables added to the SYSPRO database
  • User interface - each element of the AQM program can be added to SYSPRO’s ‘My Menu’ on an Operator or Group basis
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