Advanced Planning and Scheduling

a manufacturing module


K3 Syspro’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution gives you the ability to plan and schedule the production in your factory to a detailed level taking into consideration the constraints in your environment. APS enhances existing manufacturing capabilities by effectively closing the loop between ERP business functions and the shop floor, while giving managers useful, real-time information on current shop floor activities with advanced scheduling and quality control functionality

The Benefits of Advanced Planning and Scheduling

  • A multi-level sales order line can be planned as a coordinated set of works orders
  • Clear visibility of planned capacity utilisation is provided based on detailed shift pattern definitions and the live schedule
  • Supports the production of a practical schedule of work allocating operations to machines in an optimised manner
  • The Gantt Chart can be used to highlight late jobs or jobs for a specific part or sales order and shows the projected resource utilisation
  • Barcoded entry is easily configured and can be used with touch screen to give a very flexible set of input methods
  • Taking data recorded directly from the shop floor, APS provides extremely accurate OEE data
  • Alerts can be configured that recognise out of range data, trends and jumps that are still in range but indicate an impending problem
  • The alert criteria of a single data item for a specific stock code can be varied per product and/or customer

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Features

  • A live capacity plan, providing constant visibility of available capacity at each work centre
  • APS can consider raw material availability and lead times, adding time to procure as needed
  • The available capacity is updated in real-time as new demand is planned
  • Sophisticated Attribute based Job Sequencing facilities which are grouped into ‘Methods’These are selected for each area of the factory, supporting cellular manufacturing
  • The scheduling process can take into account constraints from material availability and key resources
  • The Cell Manager can see the outstanding work in a variety of ways, for example the current work to list for a specific machine or the current activity of each machine
  • At a glance view of Machine activity with drill down to record transactions
  • Can record setup times and processing times as well as partial progress and operation completion
  • Can back-flush non-milestone operations, optionally posting standard times
  • It is possible to represent entire areas of the factory as a live ‘mimic’ style display showing which resources are active and the reasons why idle machines are not working
  • The scope of the capture requirement can be limited to a Cell, Work Centre or Machine
  • A free form comment can be entered
  • The required data type is configured per item
  • The target range and alert criteria for an item can be varied by stock code and/or customer
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