General Ledger Financial Ratios



SYSPRO General Ledger Financial Ratios provide an at-a-glance assessment of the financial health of an organisation, allowing real-time monitoring for effective decision-making. The ratios are useful for boardroom reporting, real-time performance monitoring and detailed analysis. They are part of the set of financial analysis solutions provided by SYSPRO to enable managers to forecast and perform what-if analysis on financial data.

The Benefits of General Ledger Financial Ratios

  • Real-time access to key financial health information for decision-makers
  • Turnover monitoring ratios for non-current asset, total asset turnover, payables, receivables and inventory
  • Profitability measurement ratios, such as Net Profit Margin, Return on Assets and Return on Equity
  • Drill-down capabilities (ultimately to source documents)
  • Ratio Analysis Query for views of all defined financial ratios
  • Liquidity measurement using Current Ratio and the Quick Ratio (a.k.a. Acid Test Ratio)
  • Debt Ratio, Debt Equity, Leverage and Gearing, for measuring solvency
  • Du Pont analysis for analyzing the combined effect of operational efficiency, asset usage and leverage
  • Working Capital Cycle for monitoring daily operating liquidity
  • Financial Statement Query for income statement and balance sheet details for all or selected ledgers
  • Real-time Financial Statement Query for summary and details of current balance sheet and income statement

General Ledger Financial Ratios Features

  • Monitor efficiencies within an organisation and measure the value of an organisation through real-time views of liquidity and solvency
  • Monitor operational effects on the balance sheet and income statement
  • Compare current financial performance against previous years, budgets, investors’ expectations, a competitor, or the industry average
  • Quickly and easily produce reports, in summary and detailed, including graphics
  • Measure the effectiveness of the business within a cash conversion cycle, using a combination of activity ratios
  • Address investors’ concerns about the ability to generate revenue and profits from investments
  • Easily incorporate financial ratios in any customised pane or executive view
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