System Manager

a customisation module

SYSPRO System Manager serves as the foundation of the SYSPRO system. It provides the ability to define the environment, configure set-up options and tables, format stationery and seamlessly integrate applications for efficient data processing. It also provides the tools to personalise SYSPRO’s user-friendly interface.

The Benefits of System Manager

  • Configuration options for tailoring operating environments
  • Stationery formats and tables for customised transactional documents such as purchase orders and invoices
  • Centralised, multi-level security for protecting sensitive data and critical functions
  • Customisable user interface for streamlining the processing environment
  • General ledger integration at module level for the control of ledger transaction volumes
  • Automation of a number of SYSPRO applications for executing scheduled, unmanned tasks such as month-end report generation and overnight requirements calculations
  • Online help with bookmark, annotate, search and print functions

Configuration Features

  • Define how each module operates
  • Update the configuration options as requirements change
  • Choose new features to use when the software is enhanced
  • Manage key field characteristics, e.g. define and limit key field-length presentation, as well as key field types and numbering methods
  • Define structured addresses to suit your country or company standards
  • Define a map product such as Google Maps to facilitate address geolocation searches
  • Use the import applications to simplify the migration of master data from external applications during system set-up

Security Features

  • Implement role-based, group and operator security
  • Use e-signatures to control access and to authenticate transactions at a granular level
  • Use system audit reports and views to track user activity at program, function or transaction level
  • Password-protect sensitive functions
  • Optionally encrypt VBScripts on client machines to prevent editing

User Interface Features

  • Personalise SYSPRO’s interface, system-wide, per role, per group and per operator, with the system’s state-of-the-art customisation features
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