Power Tailoring

a customisation module


SYSPRO Power Tailoring can be as simple as rearranging fields on a form or creating a Favorites menu. However, it also equips you to build complete applications to automate business processes and apply company rules. Customisation in SYSPRO comprises a number of facilities and features which enable you to personalise, tailor and configure the system to better suit group or individual user requirements, and to streamline business processes.

The Benefits of Power Tailoring

  • Customisation without the need for specialist development or skills for ease of administration
  • Tailored interfaces for streamlined entry, uncluttered queries, information alerts and highlights
  • System-wide or industry customisation for enterprise- and company-specific standards and processes
  • Role, group and operator personalisation for streamlined data entry, queries and reporting in functional categories
  • Optional multi-level flow-graph navigation for streamlined system-based business processes
  • Industry-specific templates for rapid deployment of suitable interfaces
  • Customisation copy and import/export features for seamless deployment of customisation across the enterprise
  • Powerful charting capabilities for digital KPI dashboards
  • Translation utilities for company-specific terminology and multi-lingual enterprises
  • Standard dictionaries in English, French, Spanish, German and simplified Chinese for ease of system translation
  • User-defined data fields for company- and industry-specific querying and reporting
  • Centralised customisation management for customisation visibility and streamlined deployment across the enterprise
  • Roaming profiles for the mobile workforce

Power Tailoring Features

  • Use system-wide, industry, role, group and operator customisation to tailor the user interfaces to suit your enterprise
  • Position SYSPRO applications and workflows as well as external applications within the SYSPRO workspace as preferred
  • Design menus at system, company, role, group and operator level
  • Copy menus within and between categories
  • Opt for classic tree-view menus or tiled task panels
  • Customise the appearance and behavior of navigation tiles
  • Add commonly used reports and applications to a Favorites pane for quick access
  • Use categories to classify and organise your menu items
  • Customise the appearance and behavior of display and entry forms
  • Indicate company-specific conditions for form fields, such as ‘required field’ and ‘negative values disallowed’
  • Use custom forms to add user-defined data types to master files, transactional records, and list view displays
  • Use themes and on-screen watermarks to differentiate between different companies in a multi-company environment
  • Design customised flow graphs and flow graph transitions to aid seamless navigation through business process tasks
  • Customise the appearance and behavior of flow-graph shapes
  • Export/import user task menus and flow graphs
  • Modify toolbar behavior; for example, selectively restrict operator access to a toolbar’s functions
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