Your business conforms to certain common practices that ship standard as part of the underlying business logic that SYSPRO ERP Solutions offer. However no two businesses are alike and you should be afforded the ability to customise your system to suit your unique business requirements.

Similarly the people you employ to work on the system have requirements of their own and all have different ways of interacting with the software.

We believe in allowing people the ability to configure the software to best suit their needs rather than the system dictating how a business should be run.

You can change the look and feel of the SYSPRO user interface in keeping with your company’s brand and you can even incorporate your own data and special ways of processing this data. As your business requirements evolve, you can adapt and change accordingly at little to no cost.

Upgrades need not keep you up at night because the customisation is version independent, so will continue to function as expected as you upgrade your software.

SYSPRO’s power-tailoring enables you to personalise, tailor and configure the system to better suit your individual user requirements and streamline your business processes.

Tailoring SYSPRO

Tailoring SYSPRO incorporates a number of facilities and features and can be as simple as rearranging fields on a form, to building a complete application to automate a business process and apply company rules.

SYSPRO’s innovative, highly configurable fluid user interface (UI) allows users to easily modify the look and feel of any SYSPRO application and to extend business functionality. The UI is designed to adapt and change as requirements evolve, giving you the complete freedom to view required information within any SYSPRO application without the need for programming skills; and by using Microsoft Office’s component technology, SYSPRO provides a universal and familiar interface.

There is no restriction on how the information is derived or on the technology used to present that information. Users can draw on out-of-box ‘templates’ to build user applications at a touch of a button and also create brand new applications written in any .NET language that can be implemented into the core SYSPRO product.

SYSPRO’s powerful form-tailoring capability provides control over the appearance and behaviour of display and entry forms without the need for specialist development skills. For example: You can configure forms to display additional data automatically, such as CAD drawings associated with stock codes; insert an editable or read-only notepad against any key field; remove any fields you do not use; and control and streamline the way data is entered, through configurable input masks and case settings.

Centralised administration of the interface facilitates simplified, efficient administration of tailoring at system, company, role and user level.
System-wide personalisation streamlines the implementation of company-specific standards, such as rewording of default field captions to align with company terminology, while role and user-based personalisation simplifies the modification of user interface elements, such as menus, toolbars and forms.

SYSPRO rich content Web UI – with leading HTML5 technology, SYSPRO’s rich content web user interface enables users to quickly and easily surface only the information they need, when they need it, providing relevant business insights to support daily decision-making processes. This enhancement reflects and streamlines the flow of business processes with easily surfaced insights that will drive business behaviour to improve performance.

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