Supply Chain Management

SYSPRO ERP Solutions for Supply Chain Management

In today’s VUCA environment, supply can be unpredictable. To add to this, organizations are facing an ever-growing and more demanding customer. Those that can deliver a better product to market faster, anticipate demand as well as build and participate in strong, agile supply chains, have a substantial edge over those that do not. Complete visibility into the supply chain as well the various processes and influencing factors makes SYSPRO’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system the strategic imperative for supply chain leaders.

SYSPRO ERP has the built-in capabilities to create a truly agile supply chain with end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire ecosystem. This robust single-source solution, created specifically for the manufacturing and distribution companies, will enable you to optimize and reinforce your supply chain, now, and well into the future.

Improve On Time and In Full Delivery with SYSPRO ERP

SYSPRO ERP is a robust system that facilitates the required exchange of information between a company, its suppliers and even its customers – driving action, minimizing document handling, reducing errors and fast tracking order fulfillment.


Order Fulfillment

“The SYSPRO ERP system is bringing in much greater levels of visibility and stock control. For our customers, it will enhance our service levels and overall satisfaction.”

Hazel Barton – Fiddes Payne, Financial Controller

Supply Chain Management Software

SYSPRO’s ERP solutions for Supply Chain Management provide insight into and control over all the processes that exist in your business across the supply chain –simplifying your enterprise critical information and driving better business decisions. The result of which aims to maximize customer value, increase revenue and reduce costs, ultimately impacting the company’s bottom line.


SYSPRO ERP provides the tools to create accurate and credible forecasts and to manage, monitor and improve your forecast process. With advanced scheduling, Inventory Forecasting and Optimization, and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) capabilities you can accurately determine purchasing requirements and hedge against the obsolesce of raw materials stock.


By setting up and managing sourcing strategies and policies, through the recommendation of approved suppliers in the purchasing process, SYSPRO ERP mitigates purchasing risks, improves governance and maintains negotiated agreements across the organization – while enabling the purchase of products and services at the best value-to-price ratio.

SYSPRO capabilities enable you to reinforce your supply chain, spread your supply, hedge against the obsolesce of raw materials stock, control costs and improve governance and transparency in the purchasing process in order to meet demand.

External Collaboration

With SYSPRO ERP’s built in supply chain management capabilities, you get an end-to-end view of the supply chain with the ability to collaborate with suppliers online – enabling you to automate the planning, procurement and supplier management process and enhance production scheduling.

Through SYSPRO’s Integration Framework, SYSPRO provides all the tools an enterprise needs to manage and extend all the activities in its supply chain, working with other systems within the enterprise and to extend beyond the enterprise.

Inventory Management

SYSPRO Inventory Management is designed to integrate with all the major functions of your ecosystem and provide real-time reporting on inventory holdings. The on-screen drill down allows access to inventory balances, open purchase orders, work orders and open sales orders at any point in the process.


SYSPRO ERP gives you clear visibility into the integrated effect of current and future supply and demand. This helps you to make better purchasing and production decisions and reduce excess and obsolete inventories.

SYSPRO’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) capability allows you to create realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules by using projected and actual demand and supply in the production planning process.


SYSPRO offers solutions to optimize shipping costs and gain schedule predictability. SYSPRO ERP can help you decide, with tools to model and analyze your total landed costs across the supply chain – enabling decision making such as where to move your warehouse location, for example.


SYSPRO ERP also provides the flexibility to cost inventory by warehouse; track inventory using average, standard cost, first in first out (FIFO), last in first out (LIFO), or actual costing by lot and serial number. It also identifies capacity constraints and maintains optimal stock holdings in a multi-site and multi-warehouse environment.

Return of Goods

Managing your supply chain effectively means also handling reverse product flow. SYSPRO ERP helps streamline return logistics with visibility right back to R&D. If you operate in an industry governed by health and safety protocols, SYSPRO enables you to track quality data on both products and their ingredients, from purchasing through to inspection, manufacturing, stocking and sales. Advanced lot traceability helps you stay in compliance and respond quickly to product recalls.

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Customer Feedback

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say:

Sandi Loggenberg

Chief Technology Office – Cibapac

“With SYSPRO, our data tracking ability is phenomenal. Improved visibility of sales history is also a powerful tool. SYSPRO provides the quality reporting and analysis of our business”

Jan van Loggerenberg

Business Development Director – Aerosud

“It is without a doubt our entire procurement environment, including receiving, stores, inventory and dispatch, that has experienced the most substantial improvements since the deployment of SYSPRO.”

Laura McBrown

Managing Director – G&B

“SYSPRO gives us the capability to become a trusted supplier through its serial and component tracking capability. We are now able to compete for serious, high level contracts because we can demonstrate strong control processes throughout our supply chain.”

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