Increase productivity, minimise loss and lower production costs with SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution.

To gain the competitive edge, manufacturers must be agile enough to respond to market demands at all levels of operation without increasing costs and waste or sacrificing efficiency. Our attitudes towards new technologies can mean the difference between success and failure. Industry 4.0 – the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – is still in the early days of adoption, but the changes it promises are profound. Over the next decade, forward-thinking businesses will transform themselves through connectivity, data, automation, and an increasingly sophisticated workforce.

Benefits / What you can do:

SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution can help you revolutionise your company to gain competitive advantage in today’s market. It provides complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analysing to optimise and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations. Together with SYSPRO’s ERP this Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers a unique level of delivery, cost and quality control of manufacturing operations for job shop, batch production, production line and mixed mode environments.

The solution helps manufacturers:

  • Measure performance to drive toward world class standards of operation for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and overall labour effectiveness (OLE);
  • Increase productivity and lower costs by minimising loss within the business;
  • Optimise operational efficiencies through better workflow of core manufacturing activities: schedule, publish, collect, track, analyse and improve;
  • Connect machines and other devices to digitise the factory (Industry 4.0) and gain competitive advantage.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management enables organizations to generate accurate schedules that consider constraints around people, machines, tooling and materials. Manufacturers are then able to ensure they make best use of their available capacity to deliver to customers faster and in the most cost-effective way, and lowering production costs.

Manufacturing Operations Management can help you take control of your manufacturing operations and start to:

  • Deliver to your customers faster
  • Control labour and machine costs
  • Reduce downtime and bottlenecks
  • Measure and improve product quality
  • Increase productivity and output
  • Reduce cost to compete

A 360˚ View of Production

Manufacturing Operations Management supports your complete manufacturing lifecycle, to provide you with a 360˚ view of your production. In addition, the solution also enables you to automatically connect with machines in order to read data without manual inputs.

  • Schedule – quickly and accurately schedule to maximise order fulfilment and resource utilisation;
  • Publish – publish schedules and job lists with the shop floor and other departments easily;
  • Collect – collect data from the shop floor from humans and machines;
  • Track – gain real time visibility of employees, equipment and jobs;
  • Analyse – access out of the box analytics for OLE, OEE and TEEP
  • Improve – drive continuous improvement with Six Big Loss analytics, online documents and more…

Any Device, Anywhere

SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution makes use of the latest technologies to provide a modern and intuitive, browser based user interface, allowing you to gain visibility over any stage of the manufacturing process, from any device.

Manage Complexity

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