Manufacturing management in the 21st century requires agility, flexibility and responsiveness to both customer demand and volatile market conditions. It’s clear that technology is transforming the industry, with “smart factories” often discussed as Industry 4.0. In this new world, smart systems communicate with each other via Internet services, machines perform more tasks, and predictive analytics tools reveal opportunities you might otherwise miss.

If your business software doesn’t provide the transparency you need to manage holistically across the organisation and take advantage of Web-based and other technology innovations like these, it’s time to consider a change.

Manufacturing management software should enable you to see and control events throughout your entire business process chain – from suppliers to the production processes to delivery and customer service. To maximise efficiency and speed, your management software should further connect and share data with other systems in your production environment, such as CAD systems for design.

Manufacturing Management Software

Improve the management of your modern manufacturing business

Whether your business makes goods in batch, to order or to stock – or uses discrete or process methods – SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management software enables you to control, integrate and synchronise of all aspects of the manufacturing process.Accommodating both short and long production runs, SYSPRO provides a full set of tools to help you plan, record, track and control your output, with full visibility throughout your manufacturing supply chain. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you improve manufacturing process management.

  • Manage inventory levels to optimise the competing demands of availability versus cost

    SYSPRO ERP helps you keep your finished goods inventory to an absolute minimum. With greater visibility you can make smarter decisions about what to manufacture, with what resources, when, where and in what sequence.

  • Provide accurate quotes that keep costs under control

    Ensure the integrity of cost and profit calculation for bid processes with SYSPRO ERP. On confirmation of a quote, you can automatically raise all supply actions related to fulfilling the customer order. In addition, SYSPRO’s Product Configurator facilitates seamless rules-based order processing for assemble, configure and make-to-order products.

  • Define bills of materials (BOM) from simple to very complex bills

    Learn how SYSPRO ERP enables you to define simple single-level bills through to complex formulations with multiple units of measure and relationship definitions.

  • Calculate lead and elapsed times and order quantities

    SYSPRO ERP enables you to ensure accurate calculation of lead times and dynamic elapsed times, and assists in the optimisation of production order quantities. The Engineering Change Control (ECC) module facilitates the efficient management of changes to product versions.

  • Increase Productivity and Lower Production Costs by Minimising Loss

    SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution provides complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analysing to optimise and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations. Together with SYSPRO’s ERP this Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers a unique level of delivery, cost and quality control of manufacturing operations for job shop, batch production, production line and mixed mode environments.

  • Simplify material requirements and capacity planning

    With SYSPRO ERP, material and labour consumed in production may be back flushed or, for longer production runs, issued as consumed to work in progress. Work-in-progress inspection functionality enables a product to be receipted against multiple items if grades of the final product vary.

  • Manage material, labour and scrap during work-in-progress

    SYSPRO ERP tracks actual versus estimated labour hours, and facilitates material usage and scrap.

  • Integrate ERP with CAD and shop-floor data collection systems

    SYSPRO’s integration framework enables version-independent integration to CAD and shop-floor data collection systems. This eliminates the need for double data entry and reduces potential for error.

  • Control and track costs

    Capture, track and analyse job and product costs and profitability in real-time with SYSPRO ERP. The software shows you expected versus actual costs for material and scrap, as well as internal and external labour, fixed and overhead costs per job, or group of jobs. R&D job data is easily extracted for regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Perform “what-if” modelling on material, labour and routing costs

    SYSPRO enables you to simulate and model the different costs involved in changing material, labour and manufacturing routes, so you can make smart decisions. Evaluate job costs, assess margins and determine pricing with full visibility to product cost details and profit margins, including for co- and by-products.

Manufacturing Process Management Software to Support Industry 4.0

With so many technological advances, it’s an exciting time in the manufacturing industry. The right management software tools can help you gain efficiency and visibility you need to develop your competitive advantage. If you’re still running outdated, inflexible software tools, you could risk falling behind. Learn how SYSPRO ERP can help you modernise and take your business to new heights of profitability.

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