It’s easy for costs to get out of control in a manufacturing or distribution business – particularly if you don’t know it’s happening. Money and time can be wasted with redundant processes, too much manual work and piles of paperwork. Spending days or even weeks trying to sift through spreadsheets won’t cut it as you strive to compete in a changing global market.

Learn how cost management software from SYSPRO can help you significantly reduce costs across your operations. From sales and R&D to inventory, warehouse and customer management, SYSPRO empowers your team to drive profitability and grow your business beyond what you thought possible.

Cost Management Software

7 ways to smarter cost control with SYSPRO ERP

  • Reduce Sales and Service Costs

    Automate quoting and easily manage pricing variations and trade promotions from a single system – in any currency. Leverage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web portals to streamline order-taking as well as customer support. Create alerts to automatically notify you of customer issues so you can speed up resolution. Drive efficiency and manage bottlenecks by automating business processes like accounts payable.

  • Reduce R&D Costs

    Integration with CAD and CAM systems saves you the time and cost of double data entry – not to mention minimises errors. You can also accurately track and analyse R&D costs against budgets by project, so you can identify at a micro level where you might be losing money.

  • Reduce Supply Chain and Inventory Costs

    In your business, you need to purchase raw materials wisely and maximise inventory turnover so it’s not losing money sitting on the shelf. With SYSPRO’s integrated scheduling, inventory forecasting and Materials Requirements Planning solutions, you can order just what you need, in response to demand, reducing both costs and waste. Leverage automated alerts in the warehouse, too, to warn you when supplier costs are out of bounds.

  • Reduce Production Costs

    To squeeze costs from your plant or shop environment, you need automation, along with advanced planning, scheduling and forecasting. SYSPRO ERP Software can help you manage material, labor and scrap during work in progress, so you can make the most of your resources. With “what-if” modeling, you gain full visibility into product cost details and margins.

    If you really want to evaluate the profitability of each product, take a look at Activity-Based Costing. ABC enables you to assign pre- and post-production costs with the business processes where they originated, for even more accurate reporting on overhead.

  • Reduce Costly Mistakes

    When shipments are wrong, it can be really expensive. Not just to the bottom line in the short term, but customer and supplier relationships can be affected long term. By automating business processes, SYSPRO ERP for cost management takes care of the mundane, routine tasks that need to happen at speed, consistently and correctly every time. This enables your team to focus on exceptions and solving more strategic issues.

  • Reduce Time in Reporting

    As your business grows and changes, you may have disparate data and technology sources that inhibit your ability to get a single accurate (and fast!) version of the truth. How much time does your team spend pulling together reports manually from multiple sources?

    SYSPRO’s customisable dashboards provide you with the most important data you need to make decisions, in real time. Imagine you could automate some of your required regulatory reporting. If time really is money, we can show you how to achieve significant savings.

  • Reduce IT Costs

    Unlike other ERP providers, SYSPRO can help you get implemented fast with our proven deployment methodology so that you can minimise disruption and realise ROI quickly. And, by accessing our industry-built frameworks, you benefit from industry best practices, whatever your product lines.

    We also offer flexibility so you can implement on-premise or in the cloud, helping you emerge your investment.

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