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Does your warehouse suffer from: inaccurate inventory due to missing goods? a high number of missed picks? pallets being incorrectly located? poor audit trails? poor picking resulting in lost time?

Orchard ensures that material is located correctly, delivered to the shopfloor just-in-time, stored and then accurately picked for dispatch to the customer.

Orchard is not solely concerned with stock location and movement. Powerful rules can be embedded to aid organisations that deliver to their customers on a just-in-time basis and/or have sequencing rules imposed upon the content of any given dispatch.

Orchard key features include:

Kanban Replenishment

Order & Fulfilment Management

Order Picking


Using the configuration available for relationships between Bin Locations and Stock Codes, managing the stock levels in these locations on a Just In Time basis.  Movements are created to the relevant Bin Locations when Stock has been allocated, picked, or dispatched/depleted.

Kanban Replenishment can be configured for any area of the Warehouse to allow for FIFO/FEFO stock rotation, moving fast moving lines through the warehouse using Wave Kanban.


Managing availability of Stock for Sales Orders and Production Jobs through management screens, creating a snapshot of orders based on a range of filters and overlaying the available stock from the warehouse; producing picking and movement instructions to complete the orders.  The view of available stock can encompass multiple warehouse areas, or be confined to the pick face locations, as well as across multiple physical warehouses.


The Picking of Stock for Sales Orders or for Production Jobs can be completed on handheld devices or via a paper trail.  Stock is allocated on a FIFO/FEFO/LIFO basis, with picks created by order, Customer, Zone.  The Picker will then be directed around the warehouse by Bin Location or Postman Walk Sequence.

Pick to Pallet, Marshalling, Wave and Batch Picks are all catered for.

Other features include:


Configuration of the warehouse allows for the efficient put away of stock, using relationships for fast moving lines and preventing cross contamination of stock.


Movement Agents can be configured to allow for the servicing of specific locations within the warehouse.


Allowing for the configuration of different Shelf Life Requirements for each stock code by Customer, as well as a different shelf life specification for receiving stock into the warehouse as opposed to fulfilling an order.


Management of all raw materials allowing for Just In Time replenishment of the production lines as well as visibility of available stock to facilitate production.


Flexible stock taking options can be applied to warehouse, catering for ABC Cycle Counts, Random Counts, Empty Bin Location, as well as traditional whole warehouse stock takes are catered for.


Dispatch per Customer or Per Order, providing the ability to split a dispatch after the pick has been completed.  Different Dispatch Documentation can be assigned to each Customer, as well as Proof of Delivery.


Orchard has been built on a technology which will allow for automation of specific processes, for example a web order being allocated at the time they were received from the web site allowing for available stock information to be up to date when prospective customers are searching their catalogue.


Transferring stock between sites or warehouses on demand allow for the smooth transition of stock, producing documentation without the need for a Supply Chain Transfer.


A journal is created every time a transaction occurs on a stocking container/tag/Licence Plate providing auditing beyond the standard Lot/Batch number.


All documents and reports have been designed using Crystal Reports, allowing the templates to be customised.


Courier extracts can be automatically generated as part of the dispatch or pick creation process to integrate with Third Party Courier Services.

Without a doubt the greatest benefit we achieved through implementing Orchard was stock accuracy. When we go to get a product it is where we expect it to be. Stock accuracy at year end is >99% year-on-year.

The second highest benefit we had was shipping what the customer asked for, prior to installing Orchard we regularly shipped incorrect products.

Bob Higton | Henrob

If you’re a company that holds stock, whether its for raw materials or finished products or you’re a company that places product orders via a website then Orchard can help.

Orchard key benefits include:


Control raw materials, usage and the associated costs and eliminate the need for annual stock checks.


Model the warehouse environment and recommend actions based on a number of factors; capacity and zone of bins, volume / weight constraints and more.


Data is updated instantly and validated online ensuring the correct stock and containers are selected from instructions.


Barcoding allows accurate labelling of stock items and records inventory transactions utilising barcoding validation at source and removing the need for duplication of data capture.


Create better working conditions for staff by decreasing work load and cutting down on wasted time.


More efficient stock tracking means items are easier to find resulting in an increase in picking and packing speed.

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