MOM’s the word as K3 Syspro invites MACH 2018 manufacturers to embrace ERP and unleash their SupERPowers

ERP solution provider K3 Syspro is using MACH 2018 to showcase SYSPRO’s new Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) module. MOM is the latest innovation in an integrated suite of software solutions designed to help manufacturers digitalise their businesses in the rush to gear up to being smarter and more connected.

MOM provides a real-time link between the shop floor, the core ERP system and the management team. It connects seamlessly to a company’s existing ERP system, offering employee and machine tracking to help plan more accurately, improve efficiency and maximise “up time.”

K3 Syspro has a long heritage of helping manufacturers enhance their operational performance, become more competitive and ultimately, futureproof their business. Its partnership with best-of-breed software providers means the company can offer customers a wide range of integrated IT and business solutions, ranging from DataSwitch, software which allows data to flow seamlessly between all the different systems, to Equator HR and its fully integrated human resources software solution.

With factory automation and digitalisation moving at a rapid pace, this year’s bi-annual MACH Show also offers K3 Syspro an ideal opportunity to launch its latest Superpowers campaign. The aim is champion the super heroes in businesses who are leading the way when it comes to embracing Industry 4.0.

With factories are becoming increasingly digitised, and producing huge quantities of data, it is through the use of ERP systems that manufacturers will be empowered to gather, interpret and harness that information to the benefit of the overall business.

Those manufacturers who invest in K3 Syspro’s ERP solutions enjoy far greater workflow visibility of what is happening from the shop floor upwards, speedier responses, improved productivity, efficiency gains and an inevitable boost to the bottom line.


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