Manufacturers exploit the power of K3’s solutions to reap the benefits of joined up working

Business is increasingly complex and running a modern manufacturing business can seem like a juggling act. Every business leader is striving to keep everyone on track, sharing the same vision and striving for the same goals. Yet when dealing with multiple departments, working on multiple projects across multiple platforms, integration is a real challenge. K3’s ERP solutions give manufacturers the tools they need to take control, unify the business and see the benefits of joined up working.


Effective ERP unlocks the potential of an enterprise and everyone who works within it by synchronising data, sharing knowledge and synchronising every strand of work from the shop floor upwards. With better accessibility, visibility and connectivity comes the ability for individuals more effectively within teams and for those teams to share information and common goals.

When people make connections and strive for a common cause, they no longer work in silos or sit in isolation empire building. With SYSPRO ERP you can connect and empower teams, people and departments to all pull in the same direction. There is much greater transparency, everyone can access the same information about how the business is performing today and commit to the same ambition for where it will stand in the future.

The key to that literal and ideological integration is embracing the transformational powers of ERP. K3’s product portfolio allows manufacturers to take disparate departments, components and functions of their business and streamline all the relevant information into a user-friendly form which can be accessed however and whenever you wish.

The benefits of that joined up working are not only felt throughout the manufacturer’s own business but can potentially span its entire supply chain. The result is greater efficiency, increased productivity and improved morale.

K3’s Integration Framework enables manufacturers to extend ERP integration beyond their business to best-of-breed third-party products, while facilitating collaboration with business partners throughout the supply chain.

People throughout an organisation can identify problems far more easily if they are working in partnership. Where issues do arise, Office Automation and Messaging accelerates action on critical events by automatically notifying relevant people via e-mail or the internal SYSPRO messaging functions.

By working as a united team, the business can deliver a far greater level of service to its customers. K3 provides a real strategic advantage in allowing manufacturers to make their CRM and ERP systems work in harmony. The Dynamics CRM Integrator is a Microsoft® certified unique product which harnesses both systems to greater enhance the customer experience.

Inter-departmental collaboration is supported through Workflow Services, whilst a comprehensive suite of reporting software allows employees to create and share information more effectively to ensure they have the same insight into the inner workings of the business.

SYSPRO Reporting allows you to produce reports in the format of your choosing and custom design them to virtually any level of complexity. It incorporates tailored reporting options, preferences and layout features such as graphs and can be shared securely with authorised

Effective inventory management is a challenge for most manufacturers and calls for strategic joined up thinking. K3 helps manage the burden through SYSPRO’s Inventory Management suite. It allows for greater inventory control and traceability to optimise stocking levels, improve efficiencies and provide a better customer experience.

When managing warehousing, clear collaborative working is facilitated through both Inventory Families and Groupings and Inventory Optimisation. The systems group warehouses for purposes of forecasting at a regional or territory level for logistical and supply chain purposes.

SYSPRO’s Request for Quote (RFQ) module makes it far easier to support joined up working by creating and submitting an RFQ to multiple prospective and existing SYSPRO suppliers, recording and tracking bids, and ultimately initiating a Blanket Purchase Order, Requisition, or standard Purchase Order from the successful bid.

Other systems designed to support joined up working include the SYSPRO Work In Progress module which helps teams track and manage job costs more effectively. Similarly, Projects and Contracts collates information on often complex projects incorporating multiple teams and facilitates accurate profit reporting.

K3’s comprehensive ERP offer empowers manufacturers to get their teams singing from the same hymn sheet.  Once disparate groups of people can share accurate and up to date information, they are far more likely to work collaboratively and buy into the strategic vision of the business.  Knowledge is power and that power can be harnessed to strive for common corporate goals.

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