Knowledge Is Power: Why Training is Needed for ERP

Once companies have made the decision to implement ERP they assume that the hard work is over and that the system will simply run itself. Everyone assumes that someone else will know how to manage it, expecting colleagues to train each other up with what little skill they have in the area.  Arranging formal ERP training when it is first implemented is essential to the smooth running of the system. It ensures that everyone is up to speed with how the system works, and more importantly, what it is capable of, as many systems are under-utilised simply because staff don’t know how to access its full potential.

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As ERP is constantly changing, due to upgrades, additional features and functionalities, it is imperative that the training continues as an ongoing process. Training comes in different guises, there is the traditional classroom approach, which appeals to some companies, however on-demand e-learning courses are proving to be very effective, especially as individual progress can be logged and monitored.

When it comes to the level of training that each employee requires, there is a general level of knowledge that everyone in the company will need to know, namely because a single action from one employee can potentially trigger a host of events throughout the organisation. Aside from the basics, however, there isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to educating the workforce on the ins and outs of ERP, as different departments will clearly require different types of training. For example, management will need more focus on the decision-making and analysis features of the system, whereas the clerical staff will need more attention on the practicalities of performing their own personal tasks.

So, just as you wouldn’t step into a lion’s cage without any expert advice, don’t expect to run an ERP system by the skin of your teeth. Some jobs simply need to be run by people who know what they are doing, and the more training received for both roles, the more outstanding the overall performance.

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