K3s knowledge sharing solutions empower manufacturers to drive business growth

Effective knowledge sharing is integral to any successful manufacturing business. Be it engineering, production or purchasing, having access to key information across different departments is what allows people to work in synergy and have the visibility required to make strategic business decisions. Now K3’s SupERPowers campaign is demonstrating to manufacturers how our ERP solutions facilitate faster, smarter and more effective sharing of both knowledge and data.

 K3 is the only company in Europe licensed to sell SYSPRO software and is focused solely on helping manufacturers enhance their operational performance. Integral to that is providing manufacturers with the SupERPower of knowledge sharing and enabling them to get back to basics in sharing information, knowledge and ideas across the workforce.

SYSPRO Office Integration allows anyone in a business to access information directly and securely. By using a Microsoft product such as Word or Excel, the SYSPRO database can send information wherever it is required, regardless of whether it is installed on a client machine. That information can then be simply inserted into documents either as text or tables.

When issues arise, it is critical information is shared with ease. SYSPRO Office Automation and Messaging automatically notifies key individuals via email or internal messaging functions about critical business concerns.

Yet reporting information to individuals across the business is a challenge for many manufacturers. Information comes in a variety of different formats across different systems and departments. Difficulties can arise when that knowledge needs to be shared in a speedy and efficient manner.

 SYSPRO Reporting allows manufacturers to produce simple ad hoc or complex reports in a variety of formats format that you require. They incorporate tailored reporting options, preferences and layout features such as graphs and the reports can be shared between users in a secure manner.

 With K3’s next generation software tools, manufacturers are given the power to combine data from disparate sources into a user-friendly format. The software combines Reporting, Business Intelligence and Web Query into a single product. Not only are there clear cost benefits involved in combining the two products but it is easy to use and can combine data from an array of sources such as multiple databases, text files or Excel.

In addition, K3’s product portfolio includes SYSPRO Reporting Services and Analytics which provide a range of financial and operational reports which can be shared across the business. They enable fast access to the key information required to make well informed decisions.

Data is king and offering businesses the ability to interpret, extract and share that data is bestowing the super power of effective knowledge transfer.  K3’s products allow people right across the business to have all the information they require at their fingertips.

That knowledge can also be shared with key customers and suppliers who can access relevant information in multiple locations using multiple devices.

Access to data on different devices has been made even easier thanks to a new solution developed specifically by K3. The Web Portal Utility provides server side reporting via web browser, meaning it can be used on smartphones, tablets and machines that don’t have SYSPRO installed. Users can access the information they need whilst working remotely and even schedule reports to be run at specific times and forwarded to relevant people.

The supERPowers afforded by effective ERP enable manufacturers to share data, knowledge and ideas and enjoy a new level of insight into the day to day running of their business. K3 and its partners continue to adapt to the needs of its users and ensure the right information is available to the right people in the right place and at the right time.


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