K3s ERP gives manufacturers the visibility required for strategic decision making

Visibility of data is now integral to a successful manufacturing business. Retaining control of day to day management requires insight into every nook and cranny. Only when business leaders can view, access and interpret what is happening from the shop floor upwards, are they able to make critical interventions and strategic decisions. ERP plays a pivotal role in providing that transparency. Now, K3’s SupERPowers campaign is demonstrating how our product portfolio empowers business leaders to see, analyse and respond to what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process.

K3 is solely focused on meeting the needs of manufacturers and as the only company in Europe licensed to sell SYSPRO software, it is committed to equipping businesses with the tools they need to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Having real time insight into the data generated right across the business is invaluable to managers and it is one of the supERPowers afforded to them by working with K3. Our ERP solutions access, format and analyse data across all departments and present it in a user-friendly format whenever and wherever it is needed.

K3’s ERP products provide visibility of workflows and processes throughout the business, be it stock levels, production lines, HR or finance.

SYSPRO Office Integration provides access to information to anyone in the business quickly, easily and securely. Using Microsoft products such as Excel or Word, users have visibility of anything on the ERP database, regardless of whether SYSPRO is installed on their machine. In addition, once the information has been displayed it can be inserted directly into the current document as simple text or tables.

SYSPRO’s Workflow Services is designed specifically to improve visibility for manufacturers throughout the business. It allows for the streamlined flow of business processes through a fluid interface. The user-friendly application allows for transparency and integration throughout the organisation.

This interface can easily be personalised and individuals can choose which data they wish to access and how it should be processed so that the system can adapt as requirements change.

Data comes in a variety of forms and when seeking greater visibility it can be challenging to share information in a fast and efficient way. By using SYSPRO Reporting, manufacturers can produce different reports in the format of their choice which can then be shared securely across the workforce.

With K3’s next generation software tool manufacturers can combine Reporting, Business Intelligence and Web Query into a single product. It takes data from an array of sources and presents it a user-friendly format.

In addition, SYSPRO Analytics provides fast access to the data business leaders need to make strategic well-informed decisions.

Not only do manufacturers require greater visibility of production and processes but the people who deliver them. The more information and knowledge you can gather on staff, the easier it is to manage work and workforce relationships. K3’s T&A electronically captures Time and Attendance details for employees via time clock emulator software. The system also allows data to be captured from standard PDAs using bluetooth wireless and is an invaluable tool in effective human resource management.

In terms of finance and accounting, K3’s ERP empower manufacturer to gain far greater insight into the financial health of the business at any given point in time. General Ledger Financial Ratios provide an at-a-glance assessment and can be used for real-time performance monitoring and detailed analysis.

Electronic Funds Transfer provides an accurate picture of current cash flow, whilst Budgets & Targets provides for planned revenue and expenditure based on expected performance. The Asset Register evaluates the remaining worth of assets and Accounts Receivable gives instant access to all key customer information, including outstanding invoices and sales orders.

Meanwhile, Cash Book provides system-wide bank reconciliation, as well as tracking information on cash inflows and outflows.

That visibility can also be extended to a manufacturer’s inventory. Inventory Forecasting easily identifies those products that contribute the most to a manufacturer’s bottom line, whilst K3’s ERP offer can also collate and present the necessary data to ensure better inventory management and optimisation.

The visibility supERPowers offered by K3 are end-to-end, from monitoring materials from suppliers to analysing production processes and tracking the delivery of the finished product to customers. In business, knowledge is power and effective ERP provides manufacturers with the insight they need to drive the business forward.


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