K3 Syspro provides manufacturers with the SMAC they need to remain competitive

As generation Y increasingly become decision makers, businesses must leverage value from technology in order to get closer to customers and remain competitive, that’s the message from business solutions provider K3 Syspro.

The call from K3 Syspro comes as the company recently hosted its annual Customer Event, a two day event which took place at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, bringing together K3 Syspro, customers and third parties to examine how business can utilise technology in order to maintain a competitive edge.  Delegates also had a preview of K3 Syspro’s latest version of SYSPRO, launching early next year, which combines a number of new and distinct features including, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the newest IoT advances.

As the manufacturing sector continues to shift and change, with businesses under increasing pressure not only to maintain a competitive edge but also to innovate, K3 Syspro is urging firms to utilise the technology at their disposal in order navigate the challenges they face.

K3 Syspro’s Customer Days were the perfect showcase for how businesses can utilise these technologies, providing an interactive experience for visitors, with the opportunity to attend a series of talks, workshops and one to one surgeries, focusing on the specific product features and benefits from the SYSPRO software and third party products including Drive Works, Bluestone leasing and Aspin. The event benefited from a number of presentations from existing customers including the Stuart Marsh Shoes Group. Speaking at K3 Syspro’s customer day, Austen Shute, E-Commerce Manager at Chatham Marine, part of the Stuart Marsh Shoes Group revealed that by utilising a K3 Syspro solution, the group has witnessed a number of significant benefits, including a saving of 200 working days and £30k on shipping charges in the space of just ten months.

Speaking about the benefits of the customer day, Cathie Hall, Managing Director of K3 Syspro, commented: “The event provided an invaluable platform for collaboration, enhancing user experience, sharing ideas and planning a roadmap for future projects. It brought together K3 Syspro, customers and our third party companies and demonstrated that technology is increasingly providing businesses with the tools to remain competitive in a dynamic and fast changing marketplace. Delegates also had the opportunity to see first-hand how to integrate these tools into their businesses to the best effect.”

In particular, K3 Syspro’s event featured four technologies that have been gaining greater traction recently including Social networking, Mobile computing, Analytics, and Cloud computing (SMAC). The use of SMAC technologies is providing manufacturers with real time insights into customer demands and emerging trends, which is helping companies to develop and enhance existing products as well as producing new ideas and innovations.

Cathie concluded: “Manufacturers are increasingly faced with large amounts of data, which provides information, and information in turn provides knowledge and business intelligence. This ultimately leads to better decision making. Utilising SYSPRO by K3 Syspro gives manufacturers the ability to access data from multiple locations through a social platform integrated with the ERP and SME’s too can capitalise on the benefits that not only mean enhanced insight and continuity but, crucially, provides tools to compete with larger organisations. Companies of all sizes can benefit from good business systems where technology is a fundamental part, harnessing and integrating all areas of the business.” 

“Interesting, informative event to keep customers up to date with new concepts and an opportunity to engage with both Syspro personnel and other Companies using Syspro.” Suzanne Clubley, Labcold 

“This is a must attend event, and the only place where it is possible to meet with such a diverse group of K3 staff at the same time as networking with fellow Syspro users.” Jonathan Hillyer at Nenplas

“A unique opportunity to open your eyes on how to get more out of Syspro and hear about future developments from the software authors”. Garth Wilkinson, P Wilkinson  

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