J is for Joined up Thinking

The key to joined up thinking is having joined up people.

We all know that people work best together when they share a close working environment, we also know that most business processes require people to work well together. It’s these seamless business processes that give your customers a positive customer experience and add value to every transaction you make.

A couple of years ago, one of our largest customers: Cobham, starting using SinglePoint to collect and push data into SYSPRO. SinglePoint delivers joined up activities and thinking in a workflow around an ERP system, providing an environment that is unique.

In recent months we have started using SinglePoint internally to help our people with their joined up thinking. SinglePoint facilitates people working more closely together by enabling information to be easily shared and updated and by assigning clear ownership to tasks and issues. It streamlines the business process by triggering activities based on events and conditions and allows us to capture information to bring into the SYSPRO ERP system without having to duplicate data entry. Finally, it allows us to better manage our business by giving us visibility of site visits, tasks and utilisation.

Using Single Point in combination with SYSPRO ERP enables joined up thinking here at K3 Syspro and increasingly for our customers too.

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